Chairboys in the Cup Wanderers v Liverpool
FA Cup Semi-Final 2001
(Sunday 8th April 2001)
Enduring images - picture Paul Lewis
Here's just a few snippets of messages posted in the Gas Room after the game at Villa Park 

The Chair - A Big Thank You - Sun Apr 8 20:47:55 2001
"A big thank you to the fans of the majority of other clubs, today you were Wycombe fans for the day, just like one day we might be shouting for your little clubs. Just maybe it could be your turn next year. Without the dream there is no point to supporting your team."

Meza - Today! - Sun Apr 8 21:47:31 2001
"Well I've just got back and although disappointed we performed magnificently today and all I can say is I am so proud to be a Wycombe fan at the moment."

Holtspur - Immense Pride - Mon Apr 9 02:47:32 2001
"Today our Club has shown itself in a very positive light to a nationwide audience. Our manager, coach and players have carried themselves with great dignity and pride, before during and after the match."

J - Superb - Mon Apr 9 08:40:30 2001
"We were superb, every one of the team but I would like to point out 3. Jamie "Sol Campell" Bates - awsome, Dannie Bullman and Rhino, we had them on the run and they know it."

Sky Fans of the weekCecil - Very proud - Mon Apr 9 11:58:37 2001
"Ok we lost but we did ourselves proud yesterday with our performances both on and off the pitch. I doubt it will really sink in what we achieved until maybe the summer time when we're all on our hols."

Captain Scarlet - Observations - Mon Apr 9 12:40:10 2001
"Let's face it, we gave them one hell of a fright."

So proud - Owen's lost a fan - Mon Apr 9 12:42:58 2001
"Well, when we got home my 13 year old daughter took the poster of Owen off her wall as she now thinks he's a cheat. This was a direct result of his dive just in front of us.  Plus (even better) she now wants to come to AP regularly!"

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