Chairboys in the Cup Wanderers v Liverpool
FA Cup Semi-Final 2001
(Sunday 8th April 2001)
Gerard Houllier shakes Lawrie Sanchez's hand after the final whistle - picture Paul LewisLiverpool Manager Gerard Houllier has paid respect to the Wycombe team that gave his side a run for their money at Villa Park.
Houllier had The Wanderers watched six times prior to the Semi-Final meeting.
"You know that it's a sort of 'banana skin' and a tricky game because there's practically half of England that wants to see the underdogs winning"

"We expected it to be a battle, we expected they would give their all, we had to respond to that. We expected them to put a lot of bodies behind the ball. They did that very well and made the game extremely difficult for us

The Liverpool boss ventured back onto the pitch at the end of the game to shake Lawrie Sanchez's hand and although he thought his team deserved to win, he went onto praise the Wycombe team. "The players are committed and very well organised, very disciplined but they never got nasty. I read all sorts of stupid things about them but give credit to the fact that they never looked to hurt or to injure any player. You have to give credit to the fact that they played the game in a very fair playing attitude."

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