Chairboys in the Cup Wanderers v Liverpool
FA Cup Semi-Final 2001
(Sunday 8th April 2001)
Wycombe and Liverpool players exchange shirts at the end of the game - picture Paul Lewis
For all the Wycombe players it was the biggest game of their careers - here's a selection of quotes from press, radio and TV interviews.
The players hold a 'wake' at 90 minutes - picture Paul Lewis Martin Taylor: "It's a strange sort of emotion for us because we've done ourselves proud and played fantastically but there's a lot of disappointment because at the end of the day we've lost.
It was quite a start for me. It's always nice to get an early touch but there I was with one of the world's greatest strikers running in at me and fortunately I managed to stop him"

Roy Essandoh "It was lovely to experience it and I'm going home with Sammy Hyypia's shirt which is something to remember this by. Martin Taylor was terrific - his save from Michael Owen was just incredible and kept us in it when the last thing we needed was to concede an early goal."

Ben Townsend "It's really disappointing. I was really choked at the end. It was special occasion and to get beaten so late on makes it worse"

A tearful Jason Cousins is consoled by Stewart Castledine - picture Paul LewisJason Cousins "The supporters were phenomenal. They were like a 12th player for us and they kept us going when we needed them to. When we came out and all you could see at the end of the ground was blue it made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up"
Cousins grabbed Robbie Fowlers shirt at the end of the game and added "Robbie Fowler was walking about in a Jason Cousins shirt at the end. I'm sure that will end up in the bin but I'll treasure the one he gave me."

Keith Ryan - picture Paul LewisKeith Ryan: "Yes it's disappointing. We've just lost a game of football and not only that, it's in the semi-final of the FA Cup. But when we sit down and reflect on the game we've got a lot to be proud of"
Club stalwart Ryan scored the goal that gave Wycombe a brief hope of another dramatic FA Cup comeback "It may have been a bit 'too little too late'. Perhaps if we had got it a little bit earlier we could have made an exciting end to it. It gave our fans a little bit of cheer for one minute and I'm thankful I was able to score the goal to be honest"

A sea of blue and blue - click here for exclusive desktopsSteve Brown:
"The fans have been great today. That sea of blue at the Holte End is not a familiar site we see every week." Brown has been thrown into national media spotlight following his shirt antics at Filbert Street. Writing in his regular column in the Bucks Free Press he said "I've loved the whole cup run. I was amazed at how big the story of my son Maxwell became. I had so many people offering me money for interviews and I gave it to the hospital where he was treated." 
Brown says for the first time in years that he won't be watching the Cup Final on TV as it would "too raw and if I watched it I'd just be thinking what might have been" But 'Brownie' has accepted all the positive aspects brought from the roller coaster ride to the semi-final with Liverpool "A lot of good has come from this cup run. It is such a shame that it has to come to an end"

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