(Friday 19th November 2003)
Keith RyanClub Captain and Caretaker Manager Keith Ryan is looking to be a steadying influence as Wanderers look for a replacement for Tony Adams. 'Rhino' has said he was flattered to be offered the chance to manage the club that he has been a player for more than 14 years and says he is going to try and enjoy it. He said to the Midweek BFP "There's pretty much nothing I haven't done at the club and that's one of the reasons why the board of directors chose me because they know I've got the best interests of the club at heart. I'm going to be very positive about it." However, Ryan has said the shock departure of Adams followed by the sacking of Coach Peter Cawley has left many players feeling uneasy about their futures. He added "They are uncertain about where their careers are going and that they will have to impress the new manager whoever that might be."
Meanwhile, Wanderers Chairman Ivor Beeks has revealed that there had been over 60 applications for the vacant Manager's position when speaking on ITV's 'London Soccer Night' on Thursday 18th November. The Chairman said that an appointment was planned within the next two weeks and added "I sincerely hope that this time around it lasts longer than a year." The Chairman did not rule out any of the names so far connected with the job. However, he did dismiss the possibility of Keith Ryan taking the job on a permanent basis, saying "He's not the potential person we are looking for and he knows that and he would be the first to say 'this is not for me'."
Tony Adams has remained silent since the day of his departure. His lack of contact with the press comes after his spell at Wycombe where he was contacted on an almost daily basis by the national media. One of his last interviews before his exit from Adams Park came via the PFA website published on 4th November. The interview saw Adams explain how he thought that things were moving in the right direction off the pitch, saying "I have got a structure going and the club has transformed in the 11 months I have been here. We have now got a training facility that is absolutely unbelievable. The boys get fed and there is a lovely gymnasium as well." However, Adams wasn't taking all the credit for the changes, adding "I am just a cog in that and I couldn't have done my job without Pete Cawley, my assistant manager. I can step out and have days off but I couldn't do that a year ago. I am comfortable with how the place runs now." But he revealed that Cawley and himself did not always see eye to eye, concluding "I get really annoyed with Pete Cawley and I hate him with a passion at times, but it is the best thing in the world for me. He provokes me and is never satisfied with what I have done and is always questioning me. He is not a 'yes man'."
Peter Cawley's spell as Caretaker boss lasted all of one game before Chairman Ivor Beeks stepped in to show him the door. However, Cawley said it was all part and parcel of the game, commenting to the Bucks Free Press "The Chairman spoke to me after the game and said he wasn't going to persevere with me any further and he was going to let me go. It was the first time I've been sacked though it probably won't be my last. I've got to take it on the chin and do what I believe is for the best. From my point of view, it's tough but they sacked me for the right reasons, I would like to think. There's no point being bitter. I've worked my hardest for the club. I had three good years here and I'm very very grateful to Lawrie Sanchez, John Gorman and Tony Adams." Cawley is now calling on the Wycombe Board to appoint a name with experience, adding "You need to get the right manager for the sake of the club. You've got to get this one right. It's important for the future of the football club. It needs stability. It needs someone to come in with the right experience."
The Bucks Free Press has also reported that departing Chief Scout Alan Fogarty has criticised the Club over the Adams saga and resigned after the Coalville FA Cup game. Fogarty, who has been in the game for more than 25 years, informed Chairman Ivor Beeks that he was going to take the equivalent position at Shrewsbury Town under Gary Peters. Foggarty was brought to the Club four years ago by Lawrie Sanchez and was mainly responsible for reporting back on forthcoming opposition. He told the BFP "Tony is a lovely lad and he was a great player but I've never known a club who've sacked their manager and appointed someone with no experience. It's such a big job but the people running the club are making mistakes and they don't pay for them."

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