(Monday 10th November 2003)
Tony Adams salutes the Wanderers fans Tony Adams was introduced to Wanderers fans prior to the FA Cup game with Swindon and received a warm welcome from the home fans and the obligatory "who are you's" from the travellers from Swindon. The arrival of Adams has seen unprecedented press coverage for the Wanderers outside of the FA Cup semi-final appearance in 2001 and the influence on the media by the former Arsenal hero has been plain to see. Around two dozen news agencies covered the tie with Swindon although many of the photographers seemed more interested in Adams antics on the bench rather than on the pitch matters. However, in the few days that Adams has been at the Club Wanderers have been awarded two live games on SKY that will bring in 60,000 of unbudgeted revenue, while interest from sponsors and advertisers has been booming.
Club Chairman Ivor Beeks has described the Adams/Gorman partnership as a 'Dream Team' and conveyed through the matchday programme a message to the Wycombe supporters, "We have always tried to be innovative with our choice of Managers and Tony certainly comes into that category." Many observers have been expressing concerns over the financial implications of employing such a pairing but The Chairman was quick to answer this, by adding "Many may say how can we afford a person of his stature. Well, Tony Adams is motivated by the Club and people around it. Money was the second priority not the first."
Tony Adams also issued a brief message to Wanderers followers via the matchday programme, saying "I am under no illusions about the nature and scale of the challenge I am taking on. I will be judged ultimately on the results I deliver and not on any past reputation. Good teamwork is one of the essential ingredients and I have been impressed already by the determination and commitment of everyone at Wycombe Wanderers to achieve success in the future, despite being in unfamiliar territory at present at the foot of Division II. I would not have taken the job at this great Club unless I genuinely believed it was right for me and that I could do it justice in the eyes of the Directors and Staff and most particularly the fans. I will be cutting my 'management teeth' at Wycombe but I will be doing so with a deep understanding of the game and a very strong desire to make this important partnership in my life a real success. Thank you for the opportunity. I will not let you down."
The press focus in on Tony Adams
Adams' first game saw him spend the first half sitting amongst the Directors in the main stand but after the break, and to the delight of the press photographers, he took his place on the bench. Initially he was sitting down behind John Gorman but it wasn't long before he was on his feet to add his own input. Post match reports in the press suggested he would take a back seat for the entire game, but Adams had seconded thoughts, as he explained to the press after the game, "I was up at two o'clock this morning thinking about the match. I was going to keep out of it but came to the conclusion that if I didn't say something and we went out of the Cup I would have felt bad." He went on to add "The players were maybe a bit in awe of me on Thursday, so I needed to get involved to show them I was human and technically not that great and they liked that. It lifted them. But I ended up pulling my hamstring." Adams was enthusing after seeing Wanderers win through by 4 goals to 1 against Swindon, concluding "It's great to be back. This is the next best thing to playing. I wouldn't be here if I didn't enjoy it and, anyway, I think I am actually quite good at it."

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