(Monday 27th October 2003)
Lawrie Sanchez, closely followed by Ivor Beeks With speculation hotting up over who the next Wanderers boss will be, the Wycombe Wanderers Board have been questioned over their decision in August 2002 to extend Lawrie Sanchez's contract until May 2005. The question was posed at the Fans Forum held on Monday 20th October 2003.
Club Chairman Ivor Beeks responded by commenting "Lawrie Sanchez’s contract was extended off the back of the FA Cup. At that time Watford and QPR had come in for him and we decided at that time we would extend his contract and he asked if we could extend it and we did."
Meanwhile, Director Alan Parry added “Hindsight is a wonderful thing and with the knowledge of what happened between the extension of his contract and what happened a month ago then maybe that decision would not have been made”.
The comments came after Ivor Beeks had aired his view earlier in the evening that "We’ve ended up with a squad of players that is unfortunately not as good as when Lawrie arrived. But Managers come and go. He had four and half years. There are spells where I think he did very good but we have to move on now." The Club received over 60 applications for the Manager's position and the Chairman remarked "What we need to do is try and find another Martin O'Neill. We are doing our best to do that and we are doing our best to try and make some money available to who ever comes in to bring in some loan players because the last thing that is on our agenda is Third Division football."
Alan Parry went on to suggest that the contract for the new manager may incorporate the lessons learnt from previous managers, before adding "I think almost uniquely, in my knowledge, this Football Club has made more money from transferring managers than it has transferring players. We got a considerable compensation on Martin O’Neill, initially to Norwich City, and when John Gregory went back to Aston Villa. And at the time, Lawrie Sanchez was the up and coming bright young thing, he had taken a Second Division Club to a FA Cup Semi-Final, he was highly rated and interest was being shown by other clubs. We had a new contract drawn up that protected us with a compensation clause but naturally enough, as any one of us would, he wanted a few things in his favour. That was really the background to that. We got it right with O’Neill and we got it right with Gregory. Maybe we got it wrong with Lawrie Sanchez but two out of three is not bad is it?"

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