(Thursday 15th January 2004)
Tony Adams Tony Adams sensationally offered his resignation according to reports in the Daily Express and other national tabloids on Thursday 15th January. Adams has only been in the job for just over two months but the reports claims that Adams spoke to a 'close colleague' of the problems he has faced at Wycombe.
The 'exclusive' report in the Daily Express claims that Adams told his 'friend' "I have tried everything to get the players to play from cajoling them to comforting them and it has no effect. It is a terrific club but the players are not responding and there is no money available to overhaul the staff".
Adams was appointed as Wanderers Manager on 5th November and his tie up with assistant John Gorman was hailed as the Dream Team by the fawning Wycombe Board. Speaking shortly after his appointment, Adams said "I would not have taken the job at this great Club unless I genuinely believed it was right for me and that I could do it justice in the eyes of the Directors and Staff and most particularly the fans." However, there was a surprise less than two week later when Gorman resigned, Glenn Hoddle's former assistant saying "Tony needs to find his own way and he will".
Adams has seemingly found it difficult to motivate his players since his arrival at Wycombe and League results have seen just two wins in nine games, leaving Wycombe languishing at the bottom of the table. Despite this however, it seems incredible that Adams is considering resigning. It was only in the Bucks Free Press Midweek published on Tuesday 13th January that Adams said "It's my job over the next two and a half years to put a decent side together. It's going to take a little bit of time and more time than a lot of people might want. In the west we want things done overnight but it does take time.". That same report claimed that Adams had a 'lengthy chat' with Club Chairman Ivor Beeks following the 2-0 defeat at Stockport and asked for patience.
If these latest reports are to be believed, then it appears that Adams has had a massive change of heart, the attributed quotes saying "I feel I have a lot to offer in management but this is a case of the right man in the wrong job. I want to stay in management but this is not the right club. I'm finding it very difficult if not impossible. The best thing for me and the club would be to go because I cannot see any way results will improve and it is the club that's most important."
One thing's for sure that will result from this story is that the Club will be forced to issue a statement either confirming or denying the claims and this at a time when the highest priority should be concentrated on playing matters.

Postscript Since this news item was first published Tony Adams has rubbished the claims, saying to the Evening Standard later in the day "That is total nonsense, absolute rubbish. I have never walked away from anything in my life and I am not going to start now. I was in for training as usual this morning and I have been to three reserve games this week looking for players. Does that sound like someone who is unhappy doing his job? I have just started. I am not about to finish a few months into this"

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