(Thursday 12th December 2003)
The Dream Team?With over a month now passed since the arrival of Tony Adams as Manager, Chairboys on the Net can confirm that the Club are still in the process of relaunching the much maligned Friends of Wycombe Wanderers Players Trust Fund.
Club Chairman Ivor Beeks talked of a fund at the press conference on the day that Tony Adams was appointed on 5th November 2003, commenting "We have a fund that is going to start at 70,000 in order that we can progress and go forward and actually get some players here." However, it's understood that this fund is seperate from the FOWW fund and has been generated via donations from a number of sources, including Club Sponsors The Club sponsors have also since funded the arrival of defender Scott Marshall who has signed until the end of the season.
Meanwhile, the Club's intention to relaunch the Friends of Wycombe Wanderers version of the fund were included in a letter that appears to have been sent out to a random selection of Wanderers' supporters, sponsors and stakeholders just days after the arrival of Adams and the formation of the 'The Dream Team'.
The letter, addressed from the Chairman, says "Whilst Tony, with John Gorman, has an open mind about the qualities and attributes of the playing squad he inherits there is no doubt that we would all like to give Tony the means and resources to be able to make a few changes if he wishes. This is particularly important bearing in mind the imperative of driving up off the bottom of Division II and the many contacts Tony has which could be tapped to our advantage."
John Gorman has since left the Club but hoped his departure would help the club financially. He stated in an interview on the Club's official website, "If I'm honest the Club and the Chairman have been very good to me. They've looked after me financially as well and maybe I can help them bring another player in because if there's money there in terms of a wage, maybe that could help the Club on the pitch."
Meanwhile, the letter continues by highlighting the fund originally launched when Integrity Software came on board as Club Sponsors in April 2002, stating "We are relaunching our Friends of Wycombe Wanderers New Player Trust Fund with the specific aim of attracting up to 150,000 in the form of donations short term to help give Tony a head start and ensure he has the means to bring in some new players."
The letter goes on to confirm had kick started the initiative with the offer of a 'very significant donation' but emphasises that this figure is quite separate from the FOWW Trust. The Chairman branded this donation as a "fantastic gesture and I know others will follow." The letter then concludes "From an individual's viewpoint the trust is a perfect mechanism for ensuring that donations, however modest, find their way into new player investment rather than into general Club funds. In essence my letter is an appeal to you to consider assisting the Club and Tony in this way to help meet some pretty stretching objectives, principally ensuring our status as a Division II club."
Supporters are now waiting for more information on the relaunch. The website associated with the Trust had not been updated for eleven months at the time the letter was was sent out and showed a fund that had increased by less than 10,000 since its high profile launch in April 2002. The website has since been replaced with a message that indicates a new website is being developed but a Club source could not confirm when this would be ready.
In another shortfall of communication, the Club have also failed to publicise in any form the income added to the fund as a result of the pre-season friendly with West Ham on 29th July 2003. A game where Club Director Rod Tomlin claimed beforehand "We are keen to devote additional resources to achieve the club's playing ambitions for next season. This is not just a sop or publicity stunt."
Concerned Wanderers fans will now hoping that this latest attempt to raise funds will be taken more seriously with a real commitment from the Club to make it work. Cynics are already suggesting its perceived failure could be used as a reason to re-ignite further discussions regarding the scrapping of Wanderers' Limited by Guarantee constitution but it's hoped they are proved wrong.
Those wishing to donate to the fund or find out more information should contact the Club via the usual way. Click here for Club info and contacts

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