(Friday 16th January 2004)
Tony Adams Tony Adams says he was very angry at claims in the national press on Thursday 15th January that he told a 'friend' he was about to quit at Wanderers' Manager. The accusations seem to have stemmed from an 'exclusive' article written in the Daily Express by Niall Hickman where it was said that Adams told the friend "I want to stay in management but this is not the right place"
The Evening Standard were the first recognised media source to refute the claims with Adams quoted as saying in their issue later in the day "That is total nonsense, absolute rubbish. I have never walked away from anything in my life and I am not going to start now. I was in for training as usual this morning and I have been to three reserve games this week looking for players.". Adams went on to say in the article "I think this story has come out because I am fair game. There has been such negativity about this club and this is just another symptom of that. I am high profile because of what I achieved as a player and that makes me an easy target. But I repeat - I am not leaving and I have no intention of leaving."
The Club itself did not issue an official statement on the day but an interview with Adams on the subscription only Wanderers World service was released last on Thursday afternoon and repeated most of the points raised in the Evening Standard article by Steve Stammers with the Wycombe boss adding "I think it makes a better story 'Tony Adams quitting' than 'Tony Adams sticks around and works hards and trys to develop a new team here'."
However, Adams was at a loss to know where the story had orginated and even joked that maybe it had come from people who were fearful of the new boss. Adams admitted "I am not well liked here because I've told people that their jobs are on the line and they've got to be accountable."
Wanderers' Press Officer Alan Hutchinson was also called up to clear up the issue during a telephone conversation on BBC Radio Five Live on Thursday evening. Hutchinson confirmed Adams denial of the story before going on to say that it was hard time at the Club at the moment having worked with three seperate managers during the 2003/4 season.
Friday's Bucks Free Press ran the back page with the headline "Adams - I'm here to stay" before repeating Adams claim that the original story was "absolute garbage". Adams went on to say "I'm not bothered by the reports and I hope the fans aren't. I'm here and I'm working. I've never walked away from anything in my life and I hope the fans realise that. I hope they realise they've got a winner here who doesn't turn his back on anything. Whatever story comes out in the national newspaper, I hope they don't believe it. They can form their own opinions."
Meanwhile, back in the Daily Express on Friday 16th January there was no follow up on the story, Hickman prefering to concentrate on his latest exclusive news story of Nicky Butt moving to Newcastle United in a 5m deal.

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