(Wednesday 10th November 2004)
Tony AdamsThe inevitable aftermath of Tony Adams' resignation is set to surface in the next few days as the media, Club officials and Adams give their own spin on the situation. On the morning after the news broke, national papers were already claiming that Adams had been approached twice by Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger in the past six months regarding an offer to return to Highbury as Reserve Team Coach. Adams has yet to add to his initial statement but further media speculation is suggesting that Adams walked from his job due to recent cut-backs in day-to-day investment on the playing side. More on those claims will surface in time but in the meantime, Chairboys on the Net takes a look back on other initial media reaction.

Beeks kept in the dark - Welcome to the ClubThe biggest talking point is likely to be Adams' decision to tell not only the players before Club Chairman Ivor Beeks but to also publically confirm his decision via a statement through his agent, again before speaking with the Chairman. Adams' statement came more than three hours before a previously arranged 5pm meeting with The Chairman. What must have been a secretly fuming Beeks was questioned on BBC news before his meeting with The Manager but he still refused to confirm Adams' resignation, snapping twice "There may be a statement but he's not actually said anything to me." Asked if the statement had disappointed the Chairman, he responded "Very much."

Keith RyanBBC 3 Counties Radio were on the scene at Wanderers' Training Ground shortly after the initial news broke around midday. They described the situation as 'close to farce' as they obtained comment from Club Captain Keith Ryan, who said "We are all just a little bit disappointed and a little bit shell shocked. We are just waiting to see what the news from the Chairman is tomorrow. All that I can make out from the short conversation that I had, that he was very upset. He said it wasn't a decision he had taken lightly and you could tell that in his face. He said we are all professionals and paid to play for the Football Club and who ever is the Manager, you do as you are told, so that is the way it goes."

Craig FaulconbridgeMeanwhile, injured striker Craig Faulconbridge confirmed that the squad had all been taken back by the news, adding "His ideas were starting to have an affect on the squad but we are just shocked. He basically said he was going back to University and that he had resigned. Everybody was just gob smacked. He is such a nice bloke. It was totally unexpected. He said it was nothing to do with the football. He said we could have smashed Yeovil 20-nil. He said he had the opportunity to go back and finish what he started. We've got a meeting tomorrow at about 9.30 in the morning with the Board and the Chairman where I imagine everything will become as clear as mud."

Adams had talked about returning to studying or taking time out when his contract was due to end in the summer of 2006. However, he defended the comments at the Fans Forum held on 14th October, saying "I've still got my vision very, very clear. It is taking longer than I thought and it is hard and it moves at snail's pace when you've got little finance, but that's OK. I think by the time that I do actually finish my time here or they give me another two or three years, five years, whatever it may be, or I do move on or go back to university or go to France or wherever, I think we are going to have a very, very good squad here. Hopefully the new manager, if there is a new one, will phone me up and thank me."

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