Tickets Season Ticket prices for the 2020/21 season were originally released by the Club on 19th June 2020 following the vote by League One clubs to curtail the 2019/20 campaign due to Covid and decide the final placings on 'points per game' - thus placing Wycombe Wanderers into the Play-Offs for a place in the Championship. The prices included significant increases compared to the previous season, and with no 'early bird' discounts offered. Later on the same day that the increased prices were announced, Club Chairman Rob Couhig agreed to reduced the suggested increase of a Junior Family Stand Season Ticket from £190 to £95 (compared to the 2019/20 price of £46)

Explaining the price increases, Couhig commented: "First of all, the prices are the same as we agreed in March, and we stand by our affirmation that these prices are not dependent on the division we play in. I am a bigger believer in the value of the fan experience rather than the level of football on the pitch. We know that our prices stack up very reasonably in League 1, and even more so in the Championship, when compared to other clubs."

"No longer are we willing to offer free tickets to children, or any fan for that matter. I donít know of any organisation in the entertainment or leisure industries that welcomes children for free. How can you teach anyone the value of a ticket to an experience if that ticket has no price attached to it? Whatís more, many free tickets were in high-demand areas of the stadium, which meant we were unable to sell them for the more popular matches of the season even if those ticket holders didnít come to the game."
"So we have attached a price to every child and junior ticket in the stadium, and we have reflected today that the junior price in the Family Stand is too expensive. This is being amended from £190 to £95 and each of the fans who have already purchased this ticket will be contacted to make arrangements for £95 to be returned to them."

With limited capacitiy crowds expected, sales were limited to 2,448 (approximately 25% of the capacity of Adams Park).

Full details of the 2020/21 prices are shown below with the closest applicable category price from 2019/20 shown in brackets for reference. Matchday prices for the 2020/21 season were also confirmed closer to the start of the opening League game and have been added to the information below.

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CATEGORY AND AREA Matchday Entrance Tickets Standard Season Ticket
WOODLANDS STAND "The Frank Adams Stand" - Upper Tier Seats (All Blocks)
and OLD MAIN  STAND - Seats - (Centre - Blocks C, D and E only)
Adults £28 (£24) £494 (£396)
Senior (over 65) £25 (£21) £437 (£342)
Young Adult (19 to 21 & 22 to 25) £23/£22 (£19) £399/£380 (£306)
Juniors (12 to 18) £17 (£13) £285 (£198)
Child (11 and under) £12 (FREE) £190 (FREE)
THE FAMILY STAND - Lower Tier (sponsored by Origin)
Tickets are available for disabled supporters within Family Stand at the corresponding prices below. Disabled supporters' assistants can gain entrance free of charge.
Adult (with child) £22 (£19) £380 (£306)
Senior (over 65) £19 (£17) £323 (£270)
Young Adult (19 to 21 & 22 to 25) £16/£18 (£15) £266/£304 (£234)
Juniors (12 to 18) £7 (£6) £95 (£46)
Child (11 and under)
£3 (FREE) £19 (FREE)
VALLEY END TERRACE - Home End (Sponsored by BMI Healthcare)
Adults £20 (£18) £342 (£288)
Senior (over 65) £17 (£16) £285 (£252)
Young Adult (19 to 21 & 22 to 25) £15/£16 (£14) £247/£266 (£216)
Juniors (12 to 18) £10 (£8) £152 (£108)
Child (11 and under) NA (NA) NA (NA)
HILLBOTTOM ROAD END - Away End Seating (Sponsored by Lords Builders Merchants)
Tickets are available for disabled supporters within Away End at the corresponding prices below. Disabled supporters' assistants can gain entrance free of charge.
Adult £25 (£22)  
Senior (over 60) £22 (£19)  
Young Adult (19 to 25) £22 (£17)  
Juniors (13 to 18) £14 (£13)  
Child (12 and under) £5 (£13)  
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