Wycombe Wanderers Founders Trust (Saturday 20th November 2004)
With the deadlines now past for new members to join if they intended to vote for the Founders' Trust Management Board of Directors and for the role of the Founders' Plc Representative, at the Trust AGM on Wednesday 24th November, a news update has been issued by the interim Directors of the Founders' Trust.

Ian Mather has been acting as the Board rep since the inception of the Founders' Trust back in October. The departure of Tony Adams has meant that he's found himself involved in a number of crucial activities. Mather says he has been extremely active behind the scenes at the Football Club in the wake of the sudden and unexpected departure of Tony Adams. As a result, he has attended a number of meetings with the Plc Board, in addition to the usual full monthly board meeting. He went on to say "The current top priority of the club is obviously to select a new manager with the right experience and skills and who can convince the board that he has the ability to be an effective and successful Football Manager at Wycombe Wanderers. As the Interim Director representing the Trust on the Plc Board, I can confirm that I have been fully involved to date with the Board in handling the fallout from Tony Adams’ departure and in the selection process for a new Football Manager. For obvious reasons of confidentiality, I am not able to divulge any detail at this stage regarding individual applicants for the position or likely candidates. I can however, confirm that the club has received a significant number of applicants of varying experience and skills and that the Board are currently working through the applicants to prepare a short list for interviews." He added "The Board were unanimous in agreeing that Keith Ryan should take temporary charge of 1st team affairs following the departure of Peter Cawley and until a new Football Manager is appointed."

Other areas currently under discussion by the Plc board include:-
  • Improvements and maintenance at the club’s training ground facility
  • Status of players currently on loan to the club
  • Further development of the community scheme to encourage more young supporters and their families to attend matches
  • Further investment in the club by sale of available shares
  • Other opportunities to generate revenue income for the club
Mather concluded "It is intended to provide a brief synopsis of key issues discussed with the Main Board on a regular basis and, any feedback from Trust members is welcomed. It will not always be possible to fully divulge details of Board meetings or issues discussed because, as with any business, there will always be issues by nature that are potentially sensitive or, if divulged too soon, could be damaging to the club. However, the Board is very keen to improve communication wherever possible."

A reminder that the inaugural Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th November and will be held at the Vere Suite, Adams Park, commencing at 8.00 PM. The Youth Team will be playing Dover Athletic at home on the same evening the night as AGM in the 2nd round of the FA Youth Cup. The Club have agreed that entry to the remainder of the match will be free to all Founders' Trust members on conclusion of the AGM business.

Membership of the Trust is open to all current Founder Shareholders of Wycombe Wanderers AND also any other people who qualify by virtue of being a Season Ticket holder for the current season and also the past three seasons or more. Membership is £10 per season for adults and £2 for seniors. Membership can be obtained on the evening of the AGM, although you will not be able to vote on the matters arising at the AGM.

Membership forms along with more information on the Founders Trust and its role can be found on the Trust's web site at at Clarification on any matters relating to the Founder Members Trust, offers of help, issues or views can also be emailed to or by letter to: Ian Mather, WWFT, c/o WWFC Plc, Adams Park, Hillbottom Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 4HJ

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