Wycombe Wanderers Founders Trust (Thursday 28th October 2004)
The inaugural Annual General Meeting of the recently formed Wycombe Wanderers Founders Trust has been confirmed for Wednesday 24th November and will be held at the Vere Suite, Adams Park, commencing at 8.00 PM.
At the AGM, members of the Founders' Trust will be able to vote for fellow members to take up Management Board positions of the Trust and to vote for one of that Management Board to take on the role of WWFC PLC Main Board Representative. Currently, this role is being handled by Trust Interim Director, Ian Mather.

Following attending his first PLC Board meeting, Ian Mather commented "As the interim Founders' Trust Director appointed to represent the Trust on the WWFC PLC Main Board, at least until the Trust AGM, I have now met with the Main Board members on a couple of occasions. I can confirm that the WWFC Board welcome the involvement of the Trust in the running of the Club and participation of the Trust representative at Board meetings and other Director involved activities within the club. The WWFC PLC Board, as do the Trust, see the Trust Board representative as a conduit between the PLC Board and the supporters and it is intended to use this conduit to improve communication, both ways, between the Trust and the Football Club."

In a detailed statement, Mather also outlined the main issues currently being explored by the PLC board. These include:
  • Initiatives to further increase match attendance, both in the short term and long term.
  • Initiatives to improve supporter and conference facilities at the Club. In particular, to provide supporters with an improved "match entertainment value experience".
  • Further development of the already very successful Football in the Community Scheme and to encourage more young "supporters of the future" to become involved with the Club.
  • Ways to improve facilities and equipment at the Club's training ground.
  • Further investment in the Club by the sale of available shares.
Mather explained that is intended to provide Founders Trust members with a brief synopsis of key issues discussed with the Main Board, on a regular basis, and that any feedback from Trust members is welcomed. He explained "It will not always be possible to fully divulge details of Board meetings or issues discussed because, as with any business, there will always be issues by nature that are potentially sensitive or, if divulged too soon, could be damaging to the Club. However, the Board is very keen to improve communication wherever possible."

In order to join the Founders Trust you must meet the criteria for Trust membership. That is to be either an existing Founder Shareholder of WWFC or, be a WWFC season ticket holder continuously since season 2001/2002. If you intend to join the Founders Trust and wish to vote in the AGM elections, your membership application must be completed and returned no later than 18th November 2004. It should be noted that Founder Shareholders are not automatically members of the Founders Trust and must apply if they wish to join.

Membership forms along with more information on the Founders Trust and its role can be found on the Trust's web site at at Clarification on any matters relating to the Founder Members Trust and/or offers of help can also be emailed to
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