(Monday 12th November 2001)
Accounts 2001 Football Club Chairman Ivor Beeks has said change to the constitution of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club Limited is "inevitable". In an interview for The Wanderer magazine, Beeks said "It is inevitable that at some time that change is going to have to take place. We cannot sustain higher division football without a cash influx. In order to achieve that I'm absolutely convinced that we shall have to become a limited company with shares".
Beeks is looking to Brian Kane, who is now Vice Chairman, to help the club through this difficult transition. Kane is currently on business in America but Beeks is keen to get things moving. "We'll look at this and see what is the best way to take the club forward and probably change the constitution" continued Beeks in the interview.
However Chairman Beeks knows that change will be met with opposition from some members and that any fundamental change will require at least a 75% backing from the 450 or so members. "If somebody came in at the moment and said 'I've got a £million and I want to take the club over', he couldn't do it. But I am conscious that at some stage we'll have to take the Club down that road"

Like several other Board members, Beeks has been involved with the Club since the Limited company was activated in 1986 and he says any change would have to satisfy the current board before they even considered putting it to the members. "We certainly wouldn't want to see all that lost to somebody who came in and was hoping to get rich quick in five minutes". However, Beeks feels that the right person OR persons are out there and that the vast majority of other clubs have got shares and are "In the main are OK"

Supporters have raised concerns that any change may lead to a situation similar to what has happened at Doncaster, Brighton and more recently, Swansea City. Beeks says that a vetting process is likely to be put in place on any new investor. "I don't suppose that you can put a cast iron situation in place but what we need to do is ensure that League football will always be played in this town as the highest level. I happen to believe that High Wycombe can entertain a First Division club and I think that would be absolutely great"

The full interview is available in Issue N.36 of The Wanderer Magazine (published 10th December 2001) and is available FREE to all WWISC members or £1 to others.

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