(Thursday 24th July 2003)
Adams Park With many Wanderers supporters still curious on how much the deal to rename Adams Park is actually worth to the Club, has contacted officials from both the Club and the ground sponsors in an effort to make the details more widely known. The request suggested "A significant amount of the criticism could be deflected if the public are told more details regarding the financial workings of the deal. At present the only official line is that the deal is that the deal is 'worth a significant six-figure sum over the next three years'."
Wanderers Financial Director Rod Tomlin responded to the request by stating "We have agreed to respect the confidentiality requested by both stadium and shirt sponsors on precise financial details of the deals. We do not believe we are under any obligation to make public specific details about any particular transaction undertaken in the normal course of WWFC business. It must be right that we determine when information of this kind or any other should be made public in our own interests, in the public interest, in the interests of our sponsors etc.etc."
A spokesman for Causeway Technologies followed this up by informing "The information is commercialy sensitive and as with many such contracts both parties have chosen not to disclose the exact financial arrangements." The statement went on to say "The amounts are substantial and significant to both parties, and of the level that we hope will help Wanderers to achieve their aims in the coming season, and the positive benefits Causeway will derive from our association with the club."
The responses will come as little surprise to those used to dealing with company red tape and corporate jargon. However, it's now understood that concerned members of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club Limited will request the information from the Club, as is their right in accordance with company law.

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