(Friday 4th July 2003)
Adams Park The Adams Park name rights debate moves into its third week with The Bucks Free Press unsurprisingly claiming that London Wasps will get a cut of the sponsorship money from the deal. An unconfirmed figure of "less than 10,000" is mentioned in what is likely to be a sweetener to cover the Rugby club's costs of changing club and associated literature promoting home games at Adams Park. Meanwhile, the Wanderers have remained tight lipped over any financial details of the deal leaving supporters to surmise for themselves what any possible benefits might be.
However, Club Director Alan Parry has added further fuel to the internal battles at the Club by re-emphasising his standpoint on this issue. After slamming the decision on the Club's official website, he commented to the BFP "I stand by what I said. I'm not going to be dishonest for the sake of diplomacy. I'm uncomfortable with the idea but having access to the club's finances I know how important this deal is to the club." He then went on to add, "The decision was taken for the best possible motives. It is a positive step to improve the club's finances. My wish is that in three years time the club's finances will have improved to such an extent that we will be able to revert to Adams Park and keep the name forever."
Parry's outburst follows on from a barrage of correspondence sent to the Club by Wanderers supporters expressing their concerns over the deal, However, initial replies to several e-mails from different people were in the form of a non-personal and standard response. The reply, sent as Word document attachment included the following statement "I genuinely believe that we, meaning the Board and the management at the Club, share many common interests with a large section of the fan base. The step which we have taken, one of many designed to protect and develop our franchise, will help preserve our heritage, not destroy it, and in time to come the Adams name will still be identified with much of what we represent if not the whole." The Club have issued no further official statements since the initial press conference on 24th June.

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