(Tuesday 1st July 2003)
Alan Hutchinson and Alan ParryWanderers' Director Alan Parry has spoken out against the move to sell off the naming rights to Adams Park saying that deals such as this are "interfering with the very fabric of the game"
Parry was talking in an interview with Club Press Officer Alan Hutchinson on the Club's own official internet subscription service, Wanderers World that was available to subscribers on Thursday 26th June.
Parry, Wanderers Director for 14 years, said he felt sorry for the ground sponsors but added "As with everybody else who puts money into Wycombe, we ought to very grateful they are doing so. Personally, and it is a very personal view, I think that one of things that is sacrosanct in any football club is the name of the Stadium." Parry then continued by including the colours of the team and the name of the team in his list, adding "As soon as you start interfering with those three things you are interfering with the very fabric of the game."
The Wanderers Director, who also confirmed that Wycombe were a long way from calling in the administrators, expressed concern that clubs maybe in the future would change the name of the Club itself, adding "I hope rules are put in place to stop that. Frankly I hope rules are put in place to stop clubs changing the names of their stadium as well. I can see the point if we were to be moving to a new stadium, no arguement with that. We've got the Reebok and the JJB and the St Mary's Provident down in Southampton. But changing the name of the Stadium when you've been in it for some time, personally I think it's a dangerous step. It's one I'd rather not have taken but at the same time I understand we need the money."
Parry is understood to be one of two or three Directors who voted against the decision to sell the naming rights of the Stadium which completely dropped the historically important reference to the Club's greatest benefactor, Frank Adams.

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