(Wednesday 5th February 2003)
Lawrie Sanchez As Lawrie Sanchez celebrates the fourth anniversary of his arrival as Wycombe Manager he says he has enjoyed his time at Wycombe and is confident he can keep to his motto of "onwards and upwards". In a lengthy article in the club matchday programme on Saturday 1st February, the Wycombe boss said "We have come forward over the last four years and I believe we can go further forward and we want to go forward with you the fans alongside us."
The article detailed the highlights and milestones the Club had achieved since Sanchez first took control in February 1999. It was at the end of that season where Sanchez inspired the team to a miracle escape from relegation and Sanchez commented "Sometimes it is important to look back to the beginning of the journey to see just how far you have come."
The glorious FA Cup run of 2000/2001 will also go down in the history books as a series of truely memorable moments but Sanchez's time at Wycombe has not been without its blips. Some unfortunate comments to the press culminated this season in a debate on tactics that rattled some fans. But Sanchez stands by the reasoning behind his actions, adding "I know I have said in my time here some things that in hindsight were injudicious, but I have said them for what I believe is the best intentions."
And Sanchez remains philosophical about the current situation, saying "Sometimes you can be at a club for a length of time and complacency can set in and people only remember what happened last week. I have enjoyed my time here, we have a tremendous staff now, we do need to improve on the field of play, but the club as we speak is in 14th position, our average attendances are 14th in the league and, therefore, the resources available on that basis to me would indicate that our wages are the 14th highest in this division as we have no outside benefactor."
The following few weeks will also be difficult times as Sanchez attempts to determine who should stay and who should not from the dozen or so players out of contract at the end of the season. Youth Teamer Lewis Cook has been the first to have been given a contract and Jonny Dixon's first professional contract for the Club has been drafted and is likely to be signed shortly. The players out of contract from the current First Team squad are Paul McCarthy, Keith Ryan, Richard Harris, Mark Osborn, Andy Rammell, Ben Townsend, Gavin Holligan, Ian Simpemba, Martyn Lee and Steve Brown. Third Year Scholars Ryan Parsons, Jack Smillie and Pat Lynott will also be hoping that the policy of bringing through the younger players is to their advantage.
The Wycombe Manager concluded "I have two more seasons after this left of my contract and I intend to give my best in that time, to continue moving us forward, to give you a side that plays good, intelligent football, a side that you can be proud of and a side filled hopefully with many of our younger players that have come through the ranks. I also hope we can have one or two more glorious highlights, alongside those I have mentioned previously."

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