(Tuesday 19th November 2002)
Lawrie Sanchez Lawrie Sanchez has fired up more debate amongst Wycombe fans with his latest outburst in the local press. Commenting on Wanderers 4-2 home defeat to Brentford in the FA Cup, the Wycombe boss bemoaned the fact that he had been unable to play the 'direct style' of football that Brentford adopted. He was quoted in the Bucks Free Press Midweek as saying "Were not allowed to do that. Today was a good lesson about what you can do if you play a particular way and if people believe in it. Unfortunately in the Buckinghamshire area that type of play is not allowed and we end up being what we are. Brentford are a good example of what can be done if youre allowed to do something different and your a team with no resources."
Sanchez adjusted the playing tactics following public criticism and a Fans Forum held in October. However the Wycombe boss added to the Midweek "It has been a good lesson to the fans out there who said they didn't want to see that. The fans have decided they want to be entertained and end up as we are."
The comments are sure to generate more poor local publicity for the Club and could even upset Club Chairman Ivor Beeks who called for a line to be drawn under the tactics debate following a positive Fans Forum. He said "It will not do any of us any good by standing here criticising each other. What I would like, as I said, is to draw a line under the way we play football. Many of you feel quite strong about it and I think Lawrie has given you his answer to how he felt about it. What we need to do now is to take on board some of those thoughts, he has a period of reflection." That period of reflection is now seemingly up and the next installment of the war of words is awaited.

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