(Friday 27th September 2002)
Boo!!!!!! Lawrie Sanchez says let's have a debate after Wanderers fans hit back at being branded 'a disgrace' during the 2-1 home defeat to Crewe. It was claimed through the local press that fans booed when Wycombe took an early lead but this has been strongly denied by a small faction of fans upset by the so called 'long-ball' tactics of Manager Lawrie Sanchez. The arguments raged on before, during and after the 1-0 defeat at Brentford. A number of letters were received by the local press, as well as some emotive outpourings on internet message boards. It's also understood the Club Officials have been subject to letters and e-mail's from fans as Wanderers poor start to the season begins to take its toll.
One regular Wycombe supporter went as far as gaining signatures from fans at the Brentford game seeking support for a letter that demanded "an immediate change in tactics, that best uses the undoubted talent on offer." The letter also described Wycombe's style of play as "Mr Sanchez' long ball tactics that have been all too predictable and wasteful of possession for the majority of the current season." The letter gained close to 100 signatures.
The Club will attempt to quell the dischord amongst fans by first putting together an improved run of form and then holding an 'open to all' fans forum on Monday 14th October following the Club AGM. The forum will start at 8.30pm with Lawrie Sanchez, Ivor Beeks, various players and non playing staff in attendance. The new Club Caterers will also offer free pies to fans from 8.15pm.
Sanchez has challenged fans to come and debate the matter in person. He told the Bucks Free Press "I'm saying to the people on the websites, who hide behind silly names, to come down here and have a proper disussion. I want them and everyone else to ask their questions." Until then the Wycombe boss wants the fans to put the differences aside and get behind the team but says he is listening to their views. "I have taken on board what people have said. Entertaining is part and parcel of my business. My job here is not to displease fans and be booed off. We've built up a fan base here. I've had a good relationship with the supporters in my time here and it saddens me that it has been tarnished." Prior to the game with Plymouth, Wycombe had won just 5 League games out of 24 and Sanchez knows that results are the key. "The biggest problem is that we haven't won. If we were top people would have gone with it"

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