The Electric Chairboys

Originally published between Jan 1997 and May 1999

Jus' bring them good ol' quarters back, y'all
Electric Chairboys was according to its editor " a collection of prattle about Wycombe Wanderers FC". It achieved a cult following amongst Wycombe fans on the net for it irreverent look at The Chairboys. Now for the first time since its sad demise at the end of the 1998/99 season, Chairboys on the Net has raided the archives of those responsible to bring you some brief extracts from the site. DO NOT ADJUST SCREENS - THE COLOUR SCHEMES ARE ALL PART OF THE FUN!!
Click any chair for some Electric retro

How about a new mascot and theme tune?

Who are we? - about the players

Free again - Simon Garner, Superstar and Sex God

An ex-'manager' writes

Jeeeeeezzuss - Dave Carroll, player of the year

Oh no, it's...Poxford United

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Originally published between Jan 1997 and May 1999.
Republished in near original form by Chairboys on the Net - June 2001