A wee eulogy to a wonderful player

Last season's player of the year was Dave 'Jesus' Carroll. The award was well deserved, although many of us felt it was a long time coming. The boy has been performing miracles for years now, but there have always been some fans who just can't see what a star they have in their midst. People have become so used to his brilliance that they tend to take it for granted, and expect him to work wonders every single time he touches the ball. Well, he does it nearly every time.

Davie was born in Paisley but definitely talks like a Londoner. He started out at Fulham, winning England Youth caps, before moving to Wembley, Ruislip Manor and then to Wycombe for six grand in 1988. Playing on the right side of midfield, he soon became a permanent fixture in the team and began delighting crowds with his superb control, accurate crossing and his ability to glide past defenders with effortless style.

He works very hard in defence, and is often the one to step in and take control when all around him are flailing helplessly. He also chips in with his fair share of goals (80 in 415 appearances), including the occasional specatacular solo effort where he beats the entire opposition team before scoring. There really is no better sight than Jesus taking a side apart, and I've lost count of the number of matches where he's been the best player on the field by a mile.

Perhaps the best thing about Davie is the fact he doesn't relly look like a footballer. With his spindly, snow-white legs, his arthritic gait and his unassuming manner, opponents could be forgiven for seeing him as a soft touch - and more fool them if they do.

So why is he called Jesus? Well, the popular theory is that it stems from the long hair and stubbly face he used to sport, but I've also heard a rumour that he used to shout 'Jesus' whenever he got something wrong, and it stuck. Who knows, and quite frankly who cares - he walks on water and that's good enough for me.

Cheers Dave! You've been brilliant for years, and long may it continue.

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