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Here at The Adams Family, we are pleased to announce that we have signed up with underground web-maestro's 'Chairboys on the Net' thus ending months of speculation of a return to the fanzine scene.

Having endured 5 years of flogging fanzines on the frozen wastelands of Hillbottom Road - a return to do battle with Tales and co. was never really an option. Nor was the five-figure sum of a transfer to 1170AM that was rumoured recently - we turned that down on the grounds of the stations appalling playlist and the fact, that unlike Alan Hutchinson, we didn't think we were hard enough to threaten to 'kick people's faces off' like the Wanderers press officer did at Man City away last year!

We will be providing you with alternative news, gossip and downright bullshit over the coming season all in the true TAF spirit that you used to know and love. In a shock move we will attempt humour: ideas are currently underway to provide Wanderers players with a weekly Proctor - waiting in the wings makeover (shear that Mullet off Taylor!) and in true papparazi spirit the crew have been rumaging through the dustbins of Austin and Peart to see what makes these great businessmen tick. Finally plans are afoot to release Dr Willy Proctor from his contract with Nancy in France so that he can give us that wonderous insight into the goings on in the 'physio room'.

TAF are back.

Hello there!
Hello, Hello!

Off to Rome?

Kick him out!!

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