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Captain Rhino - pic Paul DennisGive it up for the Rhino

I can recall the era when Keith 'Rhino' Ryan joined the club. It was a fairly low-key entrance - a free transfer from Berkhamstead - and although he sent the girlies wild with his surfer's locks, the football purists were fairly non-plussed. In fact his cousin, carrot-topped Steve Whitby looked a better footballer and anyhow 'Slick' Blackler, 'Smudger' Smith and 'Stone-head' Robinson were the guvnor's in the midfield department at the time. So Rhino started life as a 'utility man' - destined to be a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. However all this changed when he netted a formidable brace against the Scum at their Legoland hole and sent the crowd into delirium. Ever since then he has been one of Wycombe's most consistent players; a combative presence with all the great attributes of an 'anchor man' - a great tackler, comfortable on the ball and a shrewd footballing brain. In fact I would go so far as to call him 'The lower league Beckenbaeur'.

I won't go into his long career in any detail, suffice to say he's had moments of glory (a handful of medals) and moments of heartbreak (2 long term injuries in his prime), but I will say that he has immense respect with the fans for the way he conducts himself off the pitch. In these days of big salaries and big ego's, Keith is incredibly down to earth and would probably even chat away merrily to a mass murderer if he was wearing a Wanderers shirt. In fact the only time I Roo-barb Roo-barb - a tragic mistake ever saw him riled was when he thought TAF scribe Doug Peters was the editor of Roo-barb, Roo-barb, a tragic fanzine that had a story slagging off Keith, claiming he was a part-time stripper (ho-ho). Keith had Doug in a headlock and was telling him that an article had 'upset his family' - pure Eastenders stuff. However it all ended in smiles when Doug's true identity was revealed, and lets face it, anyone would have willingly punched the living daylights out of the man behind that farcical publication.

So get down to the Rhino's testimonial and honour this loyal servant. He's got a young family and you never know, he may one day need that money for a 'rug transplant' judging by his receeding hairline....and no, I wouldn't tell him that to his face. Seriously though I think this could be a big season for Keith - and if he can stay injury-free and on top of his game then I guarantee we will be pushing for the play-offs.
Watch the Rhino charge.........
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