Jason Cousins' Testimonial Season will culminate with the Wycombe vs Celtic clash on Tuesday 8th October at Adams Park. These are just a selection of tributes paid to the player by some key figures at the Club

Jason Cousins after the 1993 FA Trophy Final Lawrie Sanchez - "For a player to bridge the timespan from the FA Trophy Final to FA Cup semi-final shows longevity at one club that is becoming rarer and rarer. As the final one of the 'three amigos' to reach his testimonial season, I would like to add my own congratulations to Couz and I hope you the fans will show in your support"

Ivor Beeks - "A player's career by comparison with industry is very short, around sixteen years. During this period Jason has played for numerous Managers and always given 100% effort. I genuinely believe that a great deal of our success is due to Jason's influence in the team."

Terry Gibson - "The highest accolade I can pay Couz is the ammount of respect that he receives from hsi teammates. They know that whatever the situation, Couz will be leading from the front. Couz is a WINNER and it has been my privilege to haev worked alongside him"

Alan Parry - "Jason's sheer tenacity has helped him overcome some formidable obstacles and he deserves to be regarded as a Wycombe legend. He's one of the key figures in the club's rise from non-League to national heroes in the 2000/2001 FA Cup run"

Keith Ryan - "He has a steely, uncompromising determination and will to win, coupled with a razor sharp wit and fantastoc sense of humour. Jason fitted in brilliantly from the start and was another of O'Neill's inspired signings. He was similar age to myself, Davey, Gupps, Hutch, Stapes, Gary Smith and number of other lads. At that time, we had an unrivalled team spirit"

Dave Carroll - "Jason started playing a right-back under Martin O'Neill and we soon formed a good partnership down the right hand side of the team. we have played in the same team in over 300 games. Listening to us in the car, we have never played a bad one! - No, Jason is very honest and is the first to admit if he had ever played badly"

and finally a word from the great man himself....

Jason Cousins - "Throughout my time here, I have always felt that I have had a good rapport with the supporters. I am realistic to know that as a player, I am not everybody's cup of tea and over the years have had my fair share of dismal performances, however, I can promise you all, that in each and every one of the 400+ games I have been involved in, I have never given anything less than 100% effort."

All the above quotes are just small extracts from those available in the Jason Cousins' Testimonial Brochure 2001/2002. Copies of this are available from the Club and will also be available at the Testimonial match.

Wycombe v Celtic - Tuesday 8th October - Click here for Ticket details

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