(Thursday 11th October 2001)
Lawrie SanchezHaving secured Aston Villa striker Richard Walker for another month on loan, Lawrie Sanchez is continuing with his cautious approach in the transfer market. The Wycombe boss knows he only has one pot of money to call upon to source his players and is biding his time before jumping in.

Talking at a fans forum earlier this season Sanchez said he was looking at bringing in a player of similar quality to Darren Currie "There have got to be qualities that you see and think, yeah that's something we haven't got at the club. That's my criteria. If it takes a season to find them, then it takes a season. I'm not going to rush out and spend money just to keep everybody happy"

It's estimated that Sanchez has around another 200,000 to spend of players this season and the sale of Chris Marsh to Northampton in September took the Wycombe boss to break-even on transfer dealings during his time at Adams Park. Sanchez commented "I would like to think that two and half years down the road the squad is a lot better than the one I inherited to fight relegation. Hopefully those days of fighting relegation are behind us. We're a rock solid Second Division team and the influx of one or two quality players could take us to the next stage" Read more - Sanchez urges fans to be realistic
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