(Friday 11th January 2002)
Mark Rogers Mark Rogers has been called up for the eighteen man Canadian squad to play at the 2002 Gold Cup in Miami and Pasadena from 18th January to 2nd February and could miss up to four games for The Wanderers. The majority of the squad is due to assemble in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday 13th January to begin preparations for Canada’s opening game against Haiti at the Orange Bowl in Miami on Friday 18th January. However, Rogers plans to join up with his team-mates following Wanderers' FA Cup replay with Fulham at Craven Cottage on Tuesday 15th January but could be back within ten days if Canada do not progress beyond the group stage.

This will be Rogers third call-up for the Canadian squad. He made his debut last October when he came on as susbtitute for the final three minutes of the World Cup Qualifier versus Panama. 26 year old Rogers was also in the squad to face Mexico the following month but was left as an unused substitute.

This time around Rogers will have a potential of five games to add to his three minutes of international experience. Following the game with Haiti, Canada take on Ecuador in their final group game on 22nd January and if successful will progress to the quarter-finals in Miami on 26th January and semi-finals in Pasadena on 30th January. The Final will be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Saturday 2nd February. Canada will be defending the trophy after a surprise victory in last season's tournament where they defeated Colombia in the Final in Los Angeles following a semi-final victory over Mexico.

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