Chairboys in the Cup Wanderers v Liverpool
FA Cup Semi-Final 2001
(Saturday 7th April 2001)
Are you up for it at Villa Park? - picture Paul DennisLawrie Sanchez wants Wycombe fans to give it their all in the semi-final at Villa Park. Wycombe will have close to 20,000 fans at the semi-final on Sunday in the biggest travelling support for the Chairboys outside of a Wembley Final.
Sanchez will give a stirring team talk to his players before they run out at Villa Park and at Friday's press conference at Adams Park he sent out a message to the Wycombe fans. "The team haven't got to prove anything to the crowd anymore, the team have done it. The crowd have now got to prove they're Wycombe through and through and that what ever happens on Sunday that they shout and not just enjoy their day. At times I've criticised the crowd and perhaps they just come and enjoy the day and go home" The Wycombe boss knows that the vast majority following his team at Villa Park are not the dire hard fans who follow the Club through thick and thin but he wants them all to join together on the day. "They'll be times in the game when we'll be going to be battered and right up against the wall. I understand that, the players understand that but during those times if they got 20,000 people urging them on their side, it's something they'll not have had before as players and it'll be an extra man to us and they've got to use it"
Lawrie Sanchez - remember 1988 Liverpool? - picture Paul Lewis
Sanchez knows that the crowd and the surprise factor could be a vital factor in stunning Liverpool on the day "At the bottom of their minds Liverpool will be thinking why are they here and how have they got here? That in itself will be a worry because they won't know what to expect. If they were playing Arsenal or Tottenham or another Premiership side they would know what they're playing against. Their players won't know my players. I'm hoping within ten minutes they find out very rapidly who they are"

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