Chairboys in the Cup Wanderers v Liverpool
FA Cup Semi-Final 2001
(Tuesday 3rd April 2001)
Brownie - shy boy next doorSteve Brown is still coming to terms with reaching the Semi-Final of the FA Cup more than three weeks after the historic win at Filbert Street. Speaking to the press the day before the squad jetted off for a break in Spain he said "I was stripping wallpaper the other day and that was the first time it actually came into my mind."
Fans will be able to relate to that feeling and the one that Wycombe midfielder felt when he actually saw the tickets for the game at Villa Park. "I bought some tickets for my family and looked at them and you think 'FA Cup Semi-Final' and you read it and it says 'Wycombe Wanderers'. It is very hard to believe and I still can't believe the Leicester result, it hasn't really sunk in. It's a shame really because you don't enjoy if you don't believe it. It is a fairytale for what we've achieved"
'Brownie' was frustrated that the attention centred around his shirt removing incident had taken some of the limelight away from the victory against Leicester "What disappointed me about that was it surpassed what the lads had actually achieved and I didn't realise the bandwagon would be so big" The 34 year old who was featured on the front page of some national newspapers after the incident added "I think I'm just a shy boy next door and I don't really like that much publicity."
However, with the biggest game of his career just days away, he doesn't regret whipping off his shirt in the frenzy that followed Roy Essandoh's match winner.
"I play with my heart on my sleeve and if something as big as a tie as that was, with possibility of playing in an FA Cup Semi-Final, when I Iooked at the score board when the ball went in and it said the 90 minutes were up, the actual feeling of that was unreal"

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