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Oct/Nov 2000
* The Injury Crisis With several first teamers currently getting Terry Evans sage physio advice ('Hey Sean, Stick a bag of peas on it pal'), it's probably fitting to have a look back at some of the more bizarre injuries of our time. Matt Lawrence once fell on a sharp flint in pre-match warm up and had to have 20-odd stitches. Remember Sir Matt Crossley - this lazy swine was out for months after forgetting to lean over when putting his socks on one morning. Then there was Dennis Greene with his infamous 'groin strain', the only injury that he would tell you about with pride.... Oh dear. Last but not least who can forget Glynn Creaser putting a fork-lift truck through his foot - just about as tragic as his Tommy Cooper impression on the Wembley vid. Dark days indeed - TAF say 'get a witch-doctor in'.

* Northern Exposure Yes, I'm vaguely excited about the fact that we've got two Canadian Internationals in our side. Not only does it sound vaguely rock'n'roll to have two Internationals, but it's also good publicity for the club in a country that is getting into football minus the tack associated with the USA's 'saaarccceerrr'. 
OK I'm very excited - and that's why I've touched base with a bloke who runs - the official website for Canadian footy. He checks Chairboys on the Net weekly for his players update and he welcomes WWFC supporters to post on the messageboard. So follow the link above - and discuss anything from grizzly bears and mooses to the merits of Labatts vs Old Speckled Hen.

* The Filth and The Fury Trawling through the Chairboys message board is often a source for inspiration and it's been amazing to see some of the comments regarding the 'weathering in' of The Woodlands stand. As we all know The Woodlands is the home of the football connoisseur & when I'm up in those lofty heights I feel like Zeus on Olympus looking down at my footballing Gods in quartered armour. But I doubt if Zeus ever had to sit in a plethora of birdshite like in Block T. I wouldn't have thought he ever had to stare at a corrugated roof that is beginning to turn the colour of a swamp. Or indeed did Zeus have to contend with rain wazzing down all over his Lacoste trainers whilst Apollo and Athena danced merrily by his side. Ahhh well, perhaps we should rejoice in this 'weathering in' period. Adams Park is now 10 years old and we're reaching the stage where character is starting to etch itself into the very fabric of the ground. However, if I step on another sodding chip I'm going to kill someone................. 

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