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Look at this! We're hardly mentioned Fringe Benefits???

People always blather on about having a big squad - but I've never seen the point of doing a Reading and having 40-odd professionals. Most of these chancers are getting 'money for old rope' and pulling the proverbial wool over the manager & fans eyes whilst picking up a monthly wad of loot (why - just ask our old pal Scotty!). So in the hope that this doesn't happen to Wycombe, TAF took the squad list down to the pub, swilled a barrel of lager and assessed the merits of the fringe players..........take cover.

Sid LittleWesthead - 'Little' to Hutchinson's 'Large' on awayday coverage on 1170AM, Westegg plays the 'straight man' down to a tee. However he's had little opportunity to cut the mustard between the sticks. Prospects? Difficult to say, not much chance of ousting the mighty Taylor.

Townsend - Looks comfortable on the ball and doesn't seem to mind getting stuck in. Reminds me of a 'Cultured Cousins' - god, that sounds like a fostering agency. Prospects? Good. In two seasons time he might be a first teamer.

Beeton - With his rockin lifestyle, a sprog on the way, and a Beamer in the Carpark, Beets is gunning for the stars. However on the few performances he's had for Wycombe, he's shown a nearer propensity for the gutter. He's got the basic qualities, just appears to lack the skill required to win over the fans. And I suppose Vinny having a blinder raises expectations Prospects? A contract extension looks bleak - prove me wrong Mr B.

Castledine - The Porn Star has disappointed everyone with his displays and we're not sure what the problem is. I want him to succeed but he seems a bit lumbering, almost like a pretty version of Cornforth. Prospects? Come on Stu, you look the part, can you play the part?

Lee - The bundle of fun that you all want to take home and put in your rabbit hutch, sha la la la Martin Lee. This lad is an exceptional talent and his home league debut against Bristol City was one of the finest I've seen in recent years. He might be the first registered midget to pull on the Wanderers shirt, but we love him like a little puppy. Prospects - red hot

Senda - Not only does young Danny look like garage-crooner Craig David but he also likes to make love to his honey on 'Friday and Saturday whilst chilling on Sunday' after a big game. He's like a young racehorse pounding down to the finish with one furlong to go and I see the future with him swinging in the crosses to the huge forehead of Rammell................ prospects?..............GOAL

Harkin - Sorry, but he's underachieved throughout his Wycombe Career. I know he is skilful, but he lacks passion, is slow and almost appears to be depressed.....cheer up Morrissey!! Whether or not he will make the grade with the Blues is difficult to say. Prospects? Iffy

Brady - Another lad who you would have thought would be gunning for some first team action, but always looks like a decent non-league player - no more. I think that both he and Harkin should take some inspiration from Danny Bulman - his Lazarus like rise has been down to his great attitude. Prospects? Ropey I'm afraid

So there you have it, a decent fringe of players that has surpassed previous season's efforts. And although we always find fault in some players, we can all be happy with anyone out of this lot who has to come in to the team. Also, we mustn't forget we've got the cream of the Youth not far off the first team set-up. To be fair to Roger Johnson, Ian Simpemba. Phelan, Dixon etc. we haven't seen that much of them but rumour has it that they're going to be ruddy ace!! Hey the future's so bright I've got to wear shades.............

Jon Dickinson

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