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Dave Chapman takes a nostalgic look at how Wycombe's attitude to the FA Cup has changed over the years:
FA Cup Memories

I'm of that fortunate age where I was young enough to remember the Wanderers as an above average Servowarm Isthmian league club attracting crowds of 400-500, right through to the current heady days of an above average 2nd Division side with crowds ten times that figure.

Although a great era from a fanzine writer's perspective, one thing that has changed markedly over the years is the club's relationship with the "world's greatest cup competition" (in case you people had dared forget it), the good old Fanny Adams Cup. I'm sorry, the Football Association Cup - what was I thinking...? Yes, in a sense I suppose it's inevitable that as the club has gotten bigger and joined the Football League, that its priorities have changed from getting to the first round and taking on a potential league 'scalp', to the current Holy Grail of a money-spinning away tie with a Premiership giant. Failing that, it has become an amusing (for the neutral, at least) sideshow alternative to the tedium of mid-table drudgery.

Do I sound a bit narked? Well, I mean to, for as a callow 11-year old, I got my first taste of FA Cup action, and indeed live soccer action at Loakes Park, back in 1980 when my somewhat older cousin took me to see the Wanderers succumb 3-0 to 3rd Division Bournemouth. I remember few clear details about the game apart from the cracking atmosphere, and even though well beaten, I guess this experience got me hooked on the Blues thereafter.

Look who's on the Big Match - one day you'll be older enough to go there Prior to this, the Blues had established themselves as a non-league force to be reckoned with - 1973 saw Newport County become the first league 'giants' to be slain by Wycombe - 3-1 at Adams Park. A gutsy 3-1 home defeat in front of 10,200 in the second round saw Peterborough progress to the glamour of Round 3. Season 1974/75 is well documented, with Bournemouth dispatched at the second attempt in Round 2, before the Blues took Div.1 leaders Middlesbrough to two matches and to within a few minutes of the embarrassment of extra time at a cold Ayresome Park. After that, the Chairboys lost 0-1 away at Cardiff in 1975 and 1-2 at home to Reading in 1976, before Bournemouth returned to Loakes Park to exact some well deserved revenge.

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