The Valley End - Home End at Adams Park

This is the 'home' end at Adams Park and has remained virtually unchanged since the ground was opened in August 1990. It is situated at the far end of the ground and entry is gained by using Entrance 5. It is now the only area of the ground where standing is permitted in any number and consequently is where the singing usually starts.

SPECIFICATION:Capacity as of October 2015 was indicated by the Club as 1,494. This compares to original maximum capacity of around 2,100. A reduction in the capacity to around 1,750 was made in the summer of 2001 due to the increase in the capacity of the 'away end' where a planning obligation restricted the total capacity of the ground to 10,000.. A further reduction in capacity was reported by the Club in October 2015 - the statement reading: "The capacity of the [Valley End Terrace] at Adams Park has been reduced from 1,974 to 1,494 to comply with the regulations laid out by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA). The original capacity of the all-standing terrace at the stadium was calculated in 1992 and a review of the previous report revealed a miscalculation of both the measurements of the stand and the formula by which its capacity is determined. In addition to this change, the club has been asked to ensure that we continue to steward the terrace in order to keep all walkways clear. Wanderers would like to ask its supporters in this stand to adhere to advice given to them by stewards in the forthcoming matches to enable the club to meet these directives from the SGSA. The new capacity of Adams Park has therefore been calculated to be 9,617."

The Valley End is all standing and all covered with the exception of those standing against the perimeter fence. There is one toilet block (Male and Female) situated directly to your left on coming through the turnstiles. One Refreshment area is available adjoining the turnstiles.

HOW MUCH?: Cash is excepted on the turnstiles although if you purchase your ticket in advance you will receive a discount. For more ticket details go to the Ticket Office

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