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Part 2
July 2013 - May 2014
Summer of 2013 through to survival day at Torquay

(Wednesday 31st July 2013)
COTN understands that Season Ticket sales at the Club had already topped the 2,000 mark a week before the season kicks off. The figure marks an increase from the 1,987 total sold for the 2012/13 season and comes following a steady decline in sales for the previous three seasons - 2,324 being sold in 2011/12, 2,432 in 2010/11 and 2,897 in 2009/10. The Club's highest Season Ticket sales to date since promotion to the Football League in 1993 came in the 2002/03 season when sales reached close to 3,500.
(Monday 5th August 2013)
Wanderers would be set to receive a significant cash windfall should a reported transfer of former Wanderer Matt Phillips from Blackpool to QPR be confirmed. Phillips moved to then Premiership Blackpool in in August 2010 for an initial £325,000, in a deal that included what described as 'a high sell-on clause'. A transfer fee of £4m is being suggested by the Bucks Free Press. With an estimated 20% sell-on clause of any profit, that would mean Wycombe bagging somewhere in the region of £735,000. Around 50% of this would be used to reduce the current estimated £1.8m debt owned to previous owner Steve Hayes.
Matt Phillips profile
(Wednesday 21st August 2013)
The Club confirmed on the evening of Wednesday 21st August that Ivor Beeks had retired from the Board of the Football Club after 27 years of service - with 25 of those as Chairman. Beeks joined the newly formed Wycombe Wanderers Football Club Limited in August 1986 and took over as Chairman in the summer 1988 from Brian Lee, after the latter took on the full-time role of managing the move to Adams Park. It was originally revealed in November 2012 that Beeks would step down, having moved to Joint Chairman with Don Woodward following the Trust takeover of the Club in May 2012. Beeks, now 72 years old, commented, "Iíve had an unbelievable 28 (sic) years and I will always treasure them, but itís the right time for me to go"
(Friday 23rd August 2013)
Wanderers are now expected to receive a significant cash windfall after the transfer of former Wanderer Matt Phillips from Blackpool to QPR was confirmed on Friday (23rd August). Phillips moved to then Premiership Blackpool in August 2010 for an initial £325,000, in a deal that included what was described as 'a high sell-on clause'. A transfer fee of £5m is being reported for this deal and with an estimated 20% sell-on clause of any profit, that would mean Wycombe bagging somewhere in the region of £935,000. A significant part of this would be used to reduce the current estimated £1.8m debt owned to previous owner Steve Hayes. Matt Phillips profile
(Tuesday 10th September 2013)
A reminder that Wycombe Wanderers Trust are holding a Members meeting this Wednesday (11th September), starting at 8pm in the Vere Suite at Adams Park. The purpose of the meeting has been described by the Trust Board, " update you on progress with the financial position, team matters, etc and for you to have an opportunity to ask questions. One of the items covered will be the beer supply arrangements and there will be an opportunity to sample a number of beers (probably six) on the night." The slides and Q&A have been promised on the Trust website shortly afterwards for those unable to attend.
Read the full statement at
(Wednesday 11th September 2013)
Wanderers Chairman Don Woodward has revealed that the Club had sold out early the sell-on clause associated with the transfer of Matt Phillips to Blackpool. Phillips moved to QPR on 23rd August 2013 for a reported £5m fee and it was estimated that Wanderers would bag at least £700,000 in sell on fees. However, Blackpool began negotiations with cash strapped Wanderers in January 2013 to buy out the clause and a £200,000 payment was eventually agreed at the start of August 2013 just days before the QPR move came to light. Woodward revealed the news to shocked Trust members at the meeting on Wednesday evening at Adams Park. Matt Phillips profile
(Thursday 12th September 2013)
As promised Wycombe Wanderers Trust have made available the slides and Q&A summary from the meeting held on Wednesday 11th September. 186 Trust members attended the meeting. Slides download (pdf) Q & A download (doc)
(Tuesday 1st October 2013)
Two Trust Directors have been appointed to the Football Club Board. Matt Cecil and David Cook, both Wanderers supporters, will take up their new roles with immediate effect. 26 year old Cecil becomes one of the youngest Directors in the Football League and comes from a background in marketing, PR and new media, and will be well known to Wanderers followers for his involvement on matchdays and previously with the official website. Cook, a supporter of Wycombe for the past 25 years having grown up in South Wales, is retired and has been involved in the communication aspects of the Trust since 2010.
(Friday 1st November 2013)
The Football Club, together with the Trust, have confirmed plans to reorganise the share capital of the Club, dealing with the extension of the shares in the Club and existing shareholdings. The statement indicates that 1,260,900 non-voting shares and 100,000 voting shares will be converted to 2,500,000 voting shares. The statment continues, "It is still envisaged that it may take several years to raise this extra £1.2m but the plan is that at least £250,000 will be raised by the end of the current season," and adds, "The Trust will be calling a meeting of its members shortly, at which more detail will be announced and the process for signing up to the scheme will be explained"
Read the full statement at
(Thursday 13th February 2014)
Wycombe Wanderers Trust released a statement on the afternoon of Thursday 13th February 2014 announcing the potential of selling a 'controlling interest' in the Football Club to a company of investors who claim they are "committed to injecting funds into the Club to continue its development both on and off the field." The sale would have to be given approval by 75% of all 'Legacy Members' and further discussions will take place at a meeting arranged at Adams Park for Tuesday 18th February 2014
Read more - including full statement
(Tuesday 18th February 2014)
Close to 300 Trust members attended a hastily arranged meeting at Adams Park on Tuesday 18th February 2014 to hear the plans for a proposed sale of the Football Club. However, the indentity of the consortium lined up to purchase a 75% stake in Wycombe Wanderers Football Club will have to wait until the Trust AGM on Wednesday 26th February 2014.
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(Wednesday 26th February 2014)
The proposed sale of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club is still on hold after a no-show by the potential investors at the Trust AGM on Wednesday 26th February 2014. Trust officials at the AGM said the consortium claimed their were still carrying out 'due diligence' tests on the Football Club. Meanwhile, the Trust confirmed they were still pursuing a 'Plan B' option to raise funds through supporter donations.
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(Saturday 15th March 2014)
The proposed sale of Wycombe Wanderers Football Club to the group of potential investors, advised to Trust members during February 2014, looks to have reached a deadend. However, two more potential 'investors' have expressed an interest in purchasing a controlling stake in the Football Club - while at the same time, Trust members are being asked to take part in a Community Share scheme. Read more
(Friday 4th April 2014)
The proposals to sell off Wycombe Wanderers Football Club looks to be on hold until the Club's league status for next season is confirmed. An email sent to Trust members on Thursday 3rd April followed by reports in the press confirmed the news and also added that players bonuses had been delayed due to a cash flow problem. Read more
(Saturday 26th April 2014)
Wanderers are favourites for relegation from the Football League after a 2-1 home defeat to Bristol Rovers. Only victory at Torquay United on the last day of the season and defeat for either Rovers or Northampton (who won 3-0 at Dagenham) will save Wycombe from the drop.
Wycombe 1 Bristol Rovers 2 - report, stats and reaction
(Saturday 3rd May 2014)
Wanderers retained their Football League status after an emotionally supercharged final day of the season. Close to 1,000 travelling Wycombe fans saw already relegated Torquay United beaten 3-0, while confirmation of Bristol Rovers 1-0 home defeat to Mansfield Town just prior to the final whistle at Plainmoor sparked amazing scenes amongst the Wycombe followers.
Torquay 0 Wycombe 3 - reports, stats and reaction
(Monday 12th May 2014)
Trust members heard on Saturday 10th May 2014 that negotiations to sell off Wycombe Wanderers Football Club have hit a brick wall dispite Football League status being secured in the game at Torquay the previous weekend. Read more
£10,000 FINE FROM FA
(Wednesday 21st May 2014)
Wanderers have been hit with a £10,000 fine from the FA after they admitted breaching FA regulations in relation to player agent activity during the sale of Matt Phillips to Blackpool in August 2010. Phil Smith, the agent involved with the deal has also had his agent's license suspended with immediate effect for two years, 18 months of which has been suspended for two years. It is reported Smith was to be paid a proportion of the 25 per cent sell-on fee instead of a commission when Phillips moved to the Seasiders. The original proposal was turned down by the FA. Smith strongly denied any wrong doing via an interview with The Daily Mail, claiming, "Itís ridiculous that I have been given such a ban when it was Wycombe who wanted to pay me that way. I earned nothing for this assistance, Wycombe earned in excess of £550,000." Wanderers received an initial £325,000 from Blackpool during Steve Hayes' time as owner of the Football Club but under Trust ownership in August 2013, sold any potential sell-on fee for £200,000 just days before a reported £5m deal saw Phillips move to QPR. Meanwhile, the Club issued a statement that said, "The Football Club has cooperated in full with the FA, acting in good faith and bringing the matter to the attention of the authorities once the irregularities were discovered in September 2013. At no point before, during or after the investigation has the club attempted to deceive or conceal information from the FA. Whilst the charge is related to the time of the previous owner, and that the £10,000 fine is a direct result of the action of those previously associated with the club, Wycombe Wanderers and Wycombe Wanderers Trust accept the charge and will not be making an appeal." However, an online petition set up by Wycombe fans is calling for the fine to be rescinded.
(Tuesday 27th May 2014)
News broke late on Tuesday afternoon that Bristol Rovers have complained to both the Football League and Football Association regarding Wanderers' recent admission of breach of FA rules and are claiming that Wycombe should be retrospectively deducted points and relegated instead of the West Country side. a statement on the Rovers offical website claims "It has come to the attention of Bristol Rovers FC that Wycombe Wanderers FC appear to have breached FA rules on Third Party Ownership. Itís current Chairman, in giving evidence at a recent FA Disciplinary Hearing, appears to have admitted a serious breach in respect of the player, Matt Phillips (and possibly other players). The result of this led to Wycombe wrongfully obtaining a competitive advantage over Bristol Rovers. Without this, Wycombe rather than Bristol Rovers could have been relegated."
(Wednesday 28th May 2014)
The Football Club issued a short statement on Tuesday evening following Bristol Roversí allegations of a breach in rules on Third Party Ownership. It said, "We will, as always, fully cooperate with the Football League and the Football Association in any investigation into this matter, but we are fully confident that there is no case to answer. There will be no further comment from the club at this stage." Meanwhile, the BBC website has highlighted that agent Phil Smith advised Bristol Rovers to pursue action against Wycombe following his two year ban for his involvement in the Matt Phillips transfer to Blackpool. The details of the claims from Rovers are contained in a letter made public via their official website. (PDF since removed)

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Part 3
June 2014 - May 2015
Roller-coaster season - heart-ache at Wembley

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