(Tuesday 11th October 2011)
Chairboys Gas - Cover Issue 1October 2011 marked the 25th anniversary of the publication of the first ever issue of 'Chairboys Gas'. Described at the time as 'A Magazine by supporters of Wycombe Wanderers FC', it derived its name from an old nickname of the Club first used in the pre-1900's, coupled with a reference to the Gas Works end terrace at Loakes Park.
Apparently in the pipeline for several months, the producers finally overcame the disappointment of relegation from the Gola League to publish a magazine aimed at providing a mixture of views, news and history on the Wanderers. The magazine was later to become embroiled in the football fanzine revolution about to sweep the country.
Now for the first time and in keeping with the trend of re-releasing old material in digital format, brings you the ever so slightly re-mastered versions of the publication that was the forerunner of this website. It's not quite Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon', Immersion edition but it is free. Further digital editions will be released to coincide roughly with the 25th anniversary of their publication date.

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