(Friday 12th December 2008)
Wycombe Wanderers Trust The official launch of 'Wycombe Wanderers Trust' will take place at the home game against Luton on Saturday 13th December. The Trust has been formed by merging the Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Trust and the Wycombe Wanderers Founders Trust into a single body which will elect two fan directors onto the Club PLC Board. The newly formed Trust has also launched a new look website with information on how to join.

David McGee, Chair of the new Trust, said “A single trust removes confusion and gives supporters a real voice at the decision-making heart of the Club. The strength of that voice will be determined by the number of Trust members. We are starting out with the combined membership of the two Trusts, but want to increase this to ensure the fans’ voice is heard loud and clear.”

The new Trust will be the custodian of any of the original 500 Founder Shares which have lapsed (these totalled 137 at the start of the current season). Through its holding of Founder Shares, the Trust will influence the outcome of any proposed changes to the so-called “enshrined rights” which include the sale of Adams Park and the restriction on any one person holding more than 25% of the Club’s shares. Membership of the new Trust will initially be the combined membership of the former Trusts but a push for membership will commence with the official launch. Membership for Adults is £10 per year, over 65's is £2 per year, while under 16's is £5 per year.

The launch of the combined Trust comes shortly after the PLC announced losses of £1.6m for the 2007/8 season, with debts now totalling in excess of £7m. Other high profile news has seen PLC MD Steve Hayes take control of ground tenants London Wasps and proposals to move the two Clubs to a shared stadium still high on the priority list. McGee is keen for supporters to recognise the importance that the Trust may hold for the future of the Club relation to these matters, adding, “The Club is going to be making some huge decisions in the coming few years and supporters will want to be fully informed and consulted – a role that the Trust will fulfil. The new Trust has inherited all the assets, rights and privileges of its parents including the two elected directors on the Club Board and a vital say in the future of the Club. I urge committed Wanderers fans to join us.”

More information and membership forms can be found at

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