(researched by chairboys.co.uk August 2005)
Wycombe will be charging slightly above the average for adult and concessionary matchday entrance costs in 'League Two' during 2005/6 according to a survey carried out by chairboys.co.uk. Meanwhile the cheapest entrance price for a senior at Adams Park is the highest in the division. The results come as Wanderers go into their third season running with matchday prices practically the same as the previous. Wanderers also continue to make Season Ticket prices good value, with early purchase incentives equating to matchday savings of around 6 per game.
The last significant rise came at the start of the 2002/3 season. Those increases also came on the back of consecutive rises for the three previous seasons where rewinding to season 1999/2000 would see adults pay 10 to stand on the terrace compared to 14 in the current climate. Looking back even further, it cost an adult 6 to stand in Wanderers first season in the Football League (1993/94), while twenty years ago, as the Club took their first ever steps into a nationally based League (The Gola League, later to become the Conference), it was 1.50 to stand on the Loakes Park terraces.

The table below indicates the most expensive and cheapest prices available on the matchday at each club. The concession prices are generally for those aged under 16 years while the senior prices are typically 65 and over.

'League Two' Matchday entrance survey 2005-2006 by chairboys.co.uk
Team Most Expensive Matchday Cheapest Matchday
Adult Conc Senior Adult Conc Senior
Barnet 18 12 12 11(T) 5(T) 5(T)
Boston Utd 16 8.50 11.50 14(T) 7.50(T) 10.50(T)
Bristol R 22 18.50 18.50 12(T) 6(T) 6(T)
Bury 18 9 9 16 9 9
Carlisle Utd 16 8 8 12(T) 7(T) 7(T)
Cheltenham 18 7 12 15(T) 5(T) 9(T)
Chester City 15 6 10 13(T) 5(T) 8(T)
Darlington 15 5 10 15 5 10
Grimsby T 17 7 11 15 7 11
Leyton O 16 10 10 16 10 10
Lincoln City 17 6 12 14 6 10
Macclesfield 17 12 12 13(T) 8(T) 8(T)
Mansfield T 16 8 11 15 7 10
Northampton 17.50 6 12 14.50 4 8.50
Notts County 18 4 11 16 4 10
Oxford Utd 19.50 13 13 16 8.50 8.50
Peterborough 18 9 10 13(T) 9(T) 10(T)
Rochdale 15 9 9 11(T) 7(T) 7(T)
Rushden & D 16 4 11 12(T) 4(T) 7(T)
Shrewsbury 18 12 12 13(T) 8(T) 8(T)
Stockport 19 7 11 16 6 11
Torquay Utd 15 5 12 14(T) 5(T) 11(T)
Wrexham 17 5 10 14(T) 5(T) 7(T)
Wycombe 18 12 14 14(T) 6(T) 12(T)
Average 17.17 8.46 11.33 13.94 6.42 8.90
The prices shown are for purchase on matchday. Some clubs offer discount for tickets purchased in advance. eg Bristol Rovers, Bury, Darlington and Oxford United give 2 discount for adult sales, while Lincoln City and Wycombe give 1.
Some clubs also offer other discounts for families, students, those not in full-time employment, etc. For simplicity, these are not shown. Barnet run a scheme where the concession prices are only available to members of their junior supporters club.
(T) indicates prices for a terraced standing area. The terracing at Rushden, Wrexham and Wycombe are 'home only' areas and therefore the cheaper prices may not be available for 'away' supporters. Other clubs (eg Cheltenham, Macclesfield and Peterborough) may only allocate terracing to 'away' supporters if they deem there to be suitable demand.
All the prices were taken from the respective official websites of each club and are therefore deemed correct at the time of this survey. Information provided in good faith and we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or disputes that may arise.
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