(Wednesday 8th October 2003)
Alan ParryA Wanderers' Director will be forced to stand for re-election for the first time in 14 years at the Club's AGM due to be held on Monday 20th October. Alan Parry will stand down in accordance with the Articles of Association but unlike previous years it's understood that at least one other member has put their name forward for election to a Board that is regarded by many as a 'closed shop'.
Ironically it was Parry who reminded supporters that any member could stand for election to the Board when speaking at a fans forum back in August 2003. Parry, who has been a Director since 1989, said "Everybody on the Board of this Football Club does their best. You may think you could better what we do, and I will tell you this, of the 92 football clubs in the land we are in a unique position because if you feel you can do a better job by being on the Board, then you can engineer a position where you can get on the Board. We are all elected. This is not Chelsea. This is a completely democratic football club."
In another twist of fate, Parry is one of just two of the current Directors who have actually been voted onto the Board by members. At the 1989 AGM, Parry, a Vice President at the time, was invited to stand by the Board for a vacant position made available by the shock resignation of Secretary John Goldsworthy. Parry stood along with then Financial Director Graham Peart against two other members for the two available Board positions. Peart and Parry won their places on the Board with 56 votes and 52 votes respectively from the 81 members in attendance. The two other candidates managed 55 votes between them but individually it was not enough to gain election.
Parry's duties since election have included improving the Club's media output and overseeing the Youth set-up. He has become less involved since his job with Sky restricted his availability but he will be a firm favourite to retain his place on the Wanderers Board. However, the fact that members are standing against a long standing Director is certain to cause a little more unrest behind the scenes.

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