(Tuesday 17th September 2002)
Simon Monkman The Club have made the shock announcement that they have accepted the resignation of Chief Executive Simon Monkman. In a statement issued on the club's official website ( it was said,
"The Board of Directors announce today that they have, with regret, accepted the resignation of Chief Executive, Simon Monkman. Simon will be leaving the football club, for reasons which have been discussed privately between him and the Chairman, with immediate effect.
For the time being the Board collectively will assume the responsibilities undertaken up until now by the Chief Executive and both maintain and sustain the progress made "off the field" under Simon Monkman's stewardship. Chairman, Ivor Beeks, said "I am grateful to Simon for the contribution he has made to the fortunes of Wycombe Wanderers on non-football related activities and he has opened up the potential for us to exploit development in a number of areas beneficial to the Club in the longer term. The Board are confident that the business remains on track and with Lawrie Sanchez look forward to a successful season. If and when the time is right we will consider the question of a replacement for Simon Monkman, who leaves with our best wishes for his own future"
The news comes just over six months since the appointment of Monkman as the Club's first ever Chief Executive. The reasons for his departure are vague to say the least and leaves supporters drawing their own conclusions on why such a talked up and key figure at the Club has walked [or what seem the more likely, pushed] out of the Club.
Monkman had overseen the Wasps move to Adams Park but this was coupled with risking the financial future of the club by installing a desso pitch and undersoil heating without any guarantee of a positive decision from the Council. Earlier in the year Monkman appointed ex-NAAFI colleague Jon Follenfant into the position of of "Director of Commercial Development" - an appointment that left some fans questioning whether money from the Wasps deal was being channelled in the correct areas. Slow progress on the Travel Plan (a key part in the rugby deal) may also be behind his departure, while Monkman's most recent activity of contracting out the catering at Adams Park will also be on the chinese whispers menu.
The annoucement also comes in the week that the Club are due to release the accounts from the 2001/2002 season to their members. A loss of over 500,000 is expected and with the AGM due on 14th October the departure of Monkman will be high on the agenda. More on this story is sure to follow
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