(Thursday 2nd August 2001)

Lawrie Sanchez Lawrie Sanchez says he will be surprised if Wimbledon pull off their proposed moved to Milton Keynes. His ex-club have announced plans to build a 50million 28,000 capacity seat stadium that could be ready for the 2003-2004 season. The proposed complex would be built in Denbigh and is being funded by a consortium of businessmen in Milton Keynes lead by Pete Winkelman.

However, Sanchez knows there will be strong objections. "I know the fans will be up in arms about this," said Sanchez speaking to Sky Sports. "The fans were not happy when they tried to merge with QPR quite recently. It's a bold, bold move and whether it actually comes off ... I'd be surprised" added Sanchez.

Sanchez, who flippantly suggested that Wycombe should move to Milton Keynes during a low point in the 1999/2000 season, realises that supporters will lead the protests. "The fans aren't going to be happy with it. I don't think they're going to travel. You would travel from Wimbledon to Selhurst which I think is about eight miles. I can't see them travelling up to Milton Keynes every Saturday so really they are looking for a new fan base." said Sanchez.

Wimbledon chairman Charles Koppel said quitting London would leave many of its fans disappointed. "This is about ensuring the survival of the club. Wimbledon has been homeless for 10 years and without a proper ground the future looks bleak."

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