FA Cup After last season's FA Cup exploits, Wycombe have a massive incentive to do well again this season. An unprecedented amount of sponsorhip money from AXA will be distributed to the teams throughout the 2001/2002 competition.
To give an example of just how much money is available, in the unlikely event that Wycombe match their run to the 2001 Semi-Finals they would rake in around £1m from prize per round funds and media rights alone.
F.A. Chief Executive Adam Crozier said "This is a unique way of ensuring that The F.A. Cup is used to redistribute money across every level of the game. It means that the entire game gets a chance to share in the revenue generated by the world’s most famous domestic cup competition. The F.A. is committed to investing and helping all levels of football and to ensure the long term health and success of The F.A. Cup itself."

Details of the prize funds from the First Round proper are as follows:
First Round Proper winners(40) £20,000
Second Round Proper winners(20) £30,000
Third Round Proper winners(32) £50,000
Fourth Round Proper winners(16) £75,000
Fifth Round Proper winners(8) £150,000
Sixth Round Proper winners(4) £400,000
Runners-Up(1) £1,000,000
Winners(1) £2,000,000

There are also improved media rights for live TV, highlights packages and radio commentaries. This includes £100,000 per club if chosen for live TV coverage in the First or Second Round. This increases to £265,000 per club from the Third Round to Sixth Round. TV Highlight packages also bring in £40,000 per club.
The draw for the First Round is due to take place at around 5.15pm on Saturday (27th October) on BBC Grandstand.

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