(Thursday 25th April 2002)
Lawrie Sanchez Lawrie Sanchez has said that he is unlikely to get another transfer budget during his time with Wycombe. Speaking at the recent fans forum, Sanchez said "The only way that transfer funds will be available is for fans to club together, say they want to buy a player and give the money to 'Friend of Wycombe Wanderers' "
The expected move of Wasps to Adams Park is also highly unlikely to have any affect in the short term as Wanderers strive to maintain a sound financial footing whilst investing heavily outside of the playing squad. But it's not all doom and gloom as far as the acquisition of players is concerned. Sanchez says there is still money available for wages and says there is the possibility of one more player being signed in the summer in addition to the expected arrival of Wrexham striker Craig Faulconbridge.
Sanchez recognised that Wycombe were a 'selling club' and went on to say "The only reason we spent transfer fees last season and didn't have to sell a player was because we got the semi-final of the FA Cup and made a million pounds." Sanchez also defended the Club's decision to spend an estimated 500,000 on a new pitch rather than on his squad. "It would be easy to say that...I except that and understand the long term philosphy of this Club". The Wycombe boss said the investment in the new Training Ground and the extended away stand would benefit the Club in the longer term should they reach his goal of Division One football. "The infrastructure of the Club has improved tremendously in my time here. The fact that we've spent 250,000 on a training ground will benefit every manager here after me probably more than it wil benefit me because it has come out of my budget".
Sanchez runs a tight ship at Wycombe and stated that the players wage bill for the 2001/2 season, excluding performance bonuses, was almost the same as when he took over as Manager in 1999. Sanchez has cut his numbers in the squad over his time at Wycombe and his prudence in the transfer market during the 2001/2 season is also likely to save the Club around 300,000 on the projected loss of 750,000. Sanchez added "My job as Manager is not just on the field but part of that is to look after the finances of the Club. That's why I don't demand, like some managers do, loads of money to spend on players"

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