(Tuesday 1st January 2002)
Lawrie Sanchez Lawrie Sanchez has spoken out of the ill discipline at the Club following the red card nightmare against QPR on 29th December. The Wycombe boss left the game without talking to the press but he has since been quoted in the Midweek Free Press. Sanchez has said he has increased the fine system on players who misbehave on the pitch in an effort to keep the side on track for promotion.
Wanderers have had eight players sent off this season, seven of those away from home. Jermaine McSporran's red card at Loftus Road has since been overturned but Sanchez still felt that there were too many players looking for trouble. "Losing two players cost us the game. QPR struggled to beat us with nine players. If we'd had eleven it would have been a different result."
It was a penalty decision against Jason Cousins that sparked the trouble where Michael Simpson was first on the scene and Danny Senda swung a punch at Danny Murphy. Ironically, it was left to Cousins, the player with the hardman reputation, to try and calm things down. Sanchez said "To me it was a bang on penalty. I didn't think it was worth arguing about"
Senda apologised after the game, saying "I let myself and everyone down. I was frustrated because I hadn't been playing well and I let my frustrations get the better of me. I got involved when I shouldn't have done". The young wing-back will now start a three match ban in the game at Wrexham on 12th January.
Wycombe have lost four and drawn three of the games where they've had players sent-off this season and Sanchez has seen enough. "There's got to be an end to it because it is affecting our chances of reaching the play-offs. We're not a dirty side. There are only four teams with fewer bookings but the players have got into the habit of getting involved in petulant situations"
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