(Monday 16th July 2001)

The Club have issued a 'Mission Statement' that outlines a four-year plan to gain and sustain Division One status. The statement is included in an ambitious brochure, You and the Blues, that is being sent out to fans, existing and potential sponsors and to other members of the local community.

The Mission Statement reads "Winning promotion to Division One while creating, building and rewarding supporters and interest groups by providing great entertainment and first class service and facilities"

The brochure talks of the Club's plans to increase the fan base and also of the need to consider expansion and upgrade to the ground. In a series of meetings, both internally and with fans and people outside of the Club, a list of strengths and weaknesses has been derived.
strengths weaknesses
  • Core loyal Fan base
  • Manager
  • Good players
  • Youth team programmes
  • Modern Stadium
  • Good image
  • Loyal sponsors
  • Varied commercial activities
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Growth in attendances
  • Aging squad
  • Limited sponsorship
  • Stadium Size
  • Access to and egress from ground
  • Lack of ambition
  • Poor communications
  • Financial considerations/constraints
  • Old website

The Club is calling on fans to support any new initiatives and are also welcoming any feedback via the usual contact points.

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