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(Thursday 8th March 2001)
Banners out in High Wycombe - picture Paul Lewis
Lawrie Sanchez is hoping that he can mastermind a cup victory over Leicester as it would give him the much needed spending power he's been craving.
Sanchez estimates that taking the Leicester game into account, the Club will make around 300,000 from gate receipts from the nine game cup run. But although he would like to go out and spend this money on strengthening his squad, it will probably go to offset an expected 250,000 deficit for the season. Last season the Wycombe boss was forced to sell Matt Lawrence to Millwall for 250,000 but he's unlikely to be pushed down this route this season.
Speaking on Sky's Last Word show, he told Jimmy Hill "That's the one bonus from it but we haven't made 300,000 that we can invest back in players for the team that would, next year, give us a better chance to do what we want to achieve"
A Wycombe line-up costing just 50,000 took on Reading at Adams Park on the Tuesday prior to the game at Filbert Street. Compared to that, The Royals squad had been assembled for an estimated 4,250,000 but the monetary gap was bridged by a passionate Wycombe display and only a late goal salvaged a point for the Berkshire moneybags.
Sanchez knows that beating Leicester would solve most of the Clubs money problems overnight. Reaching the semi's would boost the 300,000 banked to date immensely. "If we get to the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup that figure doubles or trebles, then you can build a team with your own resources that can compete for promotion." Whatever the result at Filbert the cup run has already thrown the Club, The Town and the ambitious Sanchez into the spotlight. "This is the good thing about Football Clubs, it puts towns on the Map. Wycombe without a football Club is....Wycombe. Then suddenly it's a town with a club in the Quarter-Finals of the FA Cup...Wycombe Wanderers"
The Wycombe says he won't have a problem sleeping the night before the game at Leicester and neither will his players. "They'll go to bed dreaming that by the Sunday morning they'll be in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. We could wake up Sunday morning and we could be there"

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