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Published 4th August 2006

RE: naming rights to Adams Park I read Mr Blacklidge's letter in last week's BFP regarding possible future naming rights of Wanderers' ground. while I understand his point, which is certainly praiseworthy if we were operating in an idealistic non-commercial environment, I think it is unrealistic in today's world.

I was a director when the decision was taken to accept sponsorship for the ********* Stadium name change. A decision I still support today. However, I accept the communication of the deal at the time was not done appropriately.

I believe lessons have been learnt and communication between the club, its fans, sponsors and customers has improved dramatically since. However I also know the money brought in through this deal was critical to the club at that time.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Frank Adams, but if he was the astute businessman I'm told he was, then I believe he would've been supportive.

As a fan I want the club to be strong, perform well on the pitch and be agreat place to visit. Sentiments that are in keeping, I hope with what Frank Adams would have wanted when he generously donated Loakes Park back in 1947.

I believe there are options that recognise the generosity and name of Frank Adams, while at the same time don not close the door on sponsorship, if they arise.

I feel it would be arrogant and short sighted in today's environment and possibly contrary to what Frank Adams may have wanted, to permanently close the door on stadium sponsorship options.

If we close off the club from even looking at a stadium sponsorship option then what's next. Where do we draw the line?

Do we turn down shirt sponsorship because we didn't have it in the past? Do we build a slope on our pitch like it used to be? Or does the club do what it its trying to do now, which is putting few restrictions on businesses and commercial proposals but soliciting input from key interest groups, such as fans when a sensitibe area may be concerned. Just as the club is doing now regarding stadium sponsorship.

My preference is to be supporting a club that's pushing for a Championship place, balancing heritage and commercial needs with realism.

Brian L Kane
Club director

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