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ONE- ONE - A brief history
One-One finally came to birth in December 1995 after several failed attempts to start an alternative Wycombe fanzine in which we could air our views, take the piss out of Oxford, Colchester, Reading and Slough and praise Dave Carroll. The name came about after a remarkable run of one-all draws during the time of our first issue although with hindsight it's probably one of the worse names we could have thought of (just behind "Sheep Shearer's Weekly) and it was settled on after an editorial creative block (a sign of things to come!).
We try mainly to provide a humourous look at things surrounding WWFC but we also have no problems in dishing out the blame to those feel responsible.
Finding the happy medium between serious and humourous articles is what we are trying to do with each issue. One-One is independent from everyone and everything and we distance ourselves from the club so that we can remain to provide a balanced and honest viewpoint.
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