One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 26 - May 2006
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Issue 27 of One-One is due to be released on Saturday 21st October (home to Peterborough). Included are an interview with Steve Abbley, interview with Supporters' Trust PLC rep Keith Blagbrough and response to the ground naming vote. 32 pages for £1 and 'printed' not photocopied!

Issue 26 was released in June 2006 and was a 44 page edition that included an exclusive interview with former Wanderers Manager Jim Kelman. Copies are available via post only due to 'unforseen circumstances' preventing its release in time for the play-off game with Cheltenham Town on Saturday 13th May 2006. If you would like a copy then they are available at £1 (including postage and packing). Please contact the One-One team at for further details and to order your copy which will be posted out on receipt of your £1. Alternatively you can make contact via the address on the One-One - Home page.

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One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 24 - April 2005ISSUE TWENTY FIVE - November 2005
The first ever colour cover to celebrate 25 issues in 10 measly years of One-One. And who better to adorn the front cover than celebrity One-One fan Helen Shapiro, who along with with Acker Bilk, Cheryl Baker and others, offered bemused congratulations. Smuggled in there amongst the self-obsessed anniversary nonsense is an in-depth interview with David McGee of the WWFT and Francis Glenister of the WWST, the first excerts from oily sailor's autobiography, "Toblerone Politics" and more tales of the difficulties of balancing the well-being of two kids with an important LDV Trophy game. 52 pages - £1.

The 'get it out before the end of the season no matter what' issue. Includes measured responses to such topics as finishing mid-table in a 'crap' division and was changing the constitution of the Club super-dooper or very bad. More seriously there is the greatest Wycombe XI with south coast links and some more 'jokes' about taches. 44 pages - 50p.

One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 22 - December 2004ISSUE TWENTY THREE - December 2004
The post Tony Adams/Gormania issue. Cover star Sean Connery leads the way for a moustachiod tribute to Wycombe's new boss. A massive 44 pages weighted out with a quotathon from Alan Parry suggesting that irony can be found outside of an Alanis Morrisitte LP. Complimented by the usual slush of articles and poorely photocopied pictures of fine looking women (errr, and blokes for the ladies). 44 pages - 50p.

ISSUE TWENTY TWO - August 2004
New issue for the 2004/5 season featuring contributions from some of Wycombe's finest young observers, plus a very welcome return to Ken Elephant who steps out from the boardroom and into the limelight with fascinating insights. A dreadful club-by-club guide to the season, too many EastEnders characters depriving the readers of quality articles to list, a spanking new selection from One-One Records...all in all, another terrible read. 32 pages - 50p.

One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 20 - December 2003ISSUE TWENTY ONE - April 2004
One-One's favourite pop combo "Chas n Dave" adorn the front cover holding their least favourite Wycombe fanzine. Issue 21 is a relegation special containing more lyrical reworkings of popular classics than most people are comfortable with. Hidden somewhere is an excellent piece on the constitution, but you have to work your way through Warren G's "Relegate" first...sheesh. 24 pages - 50p.
ISSUE TWENTY- December 2003
Special 24 page edition photo copied to an even worse standard the previous issue. Includes a dramatic vote of confidence to the editor despite of series of 'pisspoor articles' and items that scream out as 'space fillers'. Thankfully a U-turn of opinion brings the fanzine back to life with the obligatory warm welcome to Tony Adams and those final fairwells to Lawrie Sanchez. Err.. God knows what that David Staine piece is about but it's fairly wacky. 50p.

One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 19 - August 2003 ISSUE NINETEEN - August 2003
24 pages once again, as we get into the sell-out swing of things by selling the One-One name off to Irish pop band "The Corrs", employ Elton John for a new advertising campaign, join the Danny Senda Middle Finger Fan Club and invite Perry Mason to investigate just whether having rugby at Adams Park is legal or not. There's also news of the violent and abusive One-One Readers Forum and all the usual other rubbish. 50p. PS Don't get excited by the colour version of the cover shown here, the real version is an appallingly photo copied version with possible hand colouring by crayon for those who ask nicely.

One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 18 - February 2003

ISSUE EIGHTEEN - February 2003
Back to our usual 24 pages for 50p, Issue 18 attempted to give a balanced view of fans' opinions on Lawrie Sanchez and the season so far. It also contained a long awaited photo-tribute to Sean Devine, news of the One-One readers forum and believe it or not, an article sticking up for Richard Harris. Despite the questionable print quality, we also included proof that Martin O'Neill does look like Jim's Dad in Yank teen movie "American Pie."

One-One Fanzine - Cover of the BUMPER Issue 17 - August 2002ISSUE SEVENTEEN - August 2002
It had to happen sometime and after years of trying we finally managed our first 40 page bumper special, at the ridiculously inflated price of £1, ready for the Mansfield game on 17th August 2002. Highlights include the first efforts of new columists Dr J. Followfrew, and constantly fuming tennis hothead Jeff Tarango, roving reporter Roger Binbag meeting some of Wycombe's stars of the eighties, as well as news of One-One's new Chief Executive Hans Moleman, who comes with his very own "Monkmanasauras" to decifer his confusing marketing patter. This issue also includes the first edition of "Twenty-Twenty", the Wasps fanzine we've been forced to page share with due to financial constraints.

ISSUE SIXTEEN - January 2002
Out for the Fulham FA Cup game in January, this 24 page stormer contains some long awaited photo tributes to ex Blues boss Jim Kelman, news of the Reading FC Supporters Club Plastic Cockney Knee-up, some lame jokes about referee Howard Prosser and his QPR nightmare and an advert for One-One's Terrible Evenings.

ISSUE FIFTEEN - August 2001
Our first ever coloured paper cover is an unfortunate sicky yellow that does little to improve cover star Bill Wyman's bemused expression over being asked to hold One-One. Inside there's news of our customer relations exercise, "You and One-One", some exciting subscription details, some long-awaited tributes for Terry Gibson and an advert for the John Granville Male Fertility Clinic. There's also a four page "pull-out" for the excellent website, Stack My Beech Up

A fun-filled issue reflecting on the FA Cup run and the season as a whole, with humourous yet profound musings (more of the trademark optimism-cum-pessimism). Included is a special souvenir supplement to mark the crucial home tie with Wrexham, including news and views from celebrities to local yokels alike in anticipation of the big match.

ISSUE THIRTEEN - December 2000
Yet another Christmas not-so-special - this lean, mean edition contains the all-important debate on who should replace Bodger as mascot, be it the Great Suprendo or Bill Oddie, One-One launches its own Customer Focus in a bid to attract a better class of reader (!) and Einstein's theory of relativity is challenged. Comedian Harry Hill is on the front cover, holding Issue 10, after a chance meeting at the Wycombe Swan

ISSUE TWELVE - August 2000
The first issue of the 2000/01 campaign includes a predictable Eddie Torial, the all-singing, all dancing Ken Elephant column, a contribution to the debate on how to pronounce Stewart Castledine's name, a campaign to get the Asda theme tune ringing round the Adams Park terraces and probably our best ever look-a-like of that bald Italian referee and Tony Hart's mate Morph.

ISSUE ELEVEN - April 2000
One-One Issue 11 - bloke with a beard on the cover Released in before the Notts County game, it contains our first ever genuine interview, with prog-rock god wizard, Rick Wakeman. Other treats include looking at alternatives to watching Wycombe, the all new Ken Elephant column, a funny picture of Rob Curling & the all important One-One exclusive discovery that recently departed Wanderer Lee Holsgrove is in fact Blue Peter coke-fiend, Richard Bacon

One-One Fanzine - Cover of the January 2000 issueISSUE TEN - January 2000
Our biggest issue yet at a staggering 28 pages including all the usual ramblings about the topical and not so topical issues surrounding the club, plus an appeal to the fans, special One-One Christmas Merchandise, a very nostalgic piece, the Des Clarke column and Christmas messages from Carol Vorderman and Home and Away's Alf Stewart.

ISSUE NINE - October 1999
Includes all the usual ramblings with more Australian chatter with ex-Neighbours star Des Clarke, a host of looklikes, our remarkable spot-the-ball competition, some barrel-scraping humour in the shape of our "Morrisey Fun Page", the One-One cartoonist's interpretation of Sean Devine (although he looks like he's got someone else's haircut) and probably some serious moany stuff somewhere in there as well.

ISSUE EIGHT - August 1999
Hit the streets prior to home leg of the Wolves Worthington Cup tie. A highly optimistic yet realistic edition that includes the debut of columnist Des Clarke following the tragic death of Arthur Scartletops. Includes an advert for the Watford FC 1999/2000 relegation tribute album - 'Don't Shoot me, I'm only The Chairman', Mark Lawrenson writing for 'The Loader' plus a slimline version of John Cornforth from the dab hand of the One-One cartoonist.

One-One - Issue No.7 - May 1999ISSUE SEVEN - May 1999
The "I take it all back" issue. After declaring the Wanderers down and out we come back and apologise. Out for the Wigan game but the weather meant only a few copies were sold. Probably our most thoughtful issue with some constructive criticism of the club and some long-awaited praise for certain people as well. Aside from the serious stuff we still managed to point out that David Howells looks like The Cat In The Hat and print our 134 year old correspondent Arthur Scartletopsí made-up history of Wycombe mascots. Contains the wise words on the Manchester City game of "a brick through the back windscreen is worth two in the bush". Whatever that may mean.

ISSUE SIX - March 1999
Printed after Reading; sold after Bristol Rovers and therefore completely failed to capture the mood of the fans. Rather a pessimistic offering really but back to 24 pages once again and includes vitriolic abuse of both Rick Holden and Alan Smith. Had a potentially humourous front cover of a ballet dancer with an uncanny likeness of Mark Stallard, but our crap printer ruined the chance of any real laughs. John Gregory lookalike with Eddie Munster is the best thing in it.

ISSUE FIVE - December 1998
Our Christmas not-so-Special edition featured ZZ Top on the front cover with a typically unfunny caption. Slightly thinner than usual but worth half a quid for the proof that Matthew Lawrence DOES look like Morrissey and the first printed work of Desmond D. Brunier, our post-postmodern poet.

One-One Fanzine - Cover of the February 1998 issue - Villa fans celebrate the appointment of John Gregory as ManagerISSUE FOUR - February 1998
Released 28th February 1998 (better late than never). Topical cover was stroke of genius. All the regulars plus 101 reasons to hate Oxford United, Mystic Maurice, Marketing Mutter with Austin Powers and Ringing the Neck with Alan Rabbithutch. Taking sarcasm to new levels.

ISSUE THREE - August 1997
Written over the summer of 1997, this issue came out for the first game of the season and again is an improvement on the previous issue, even if we do say so ourselves (!). Contains regulars such as the Woodland Wailer, Eddie Torial, the Fat Bloke, old Arthur of course and much to our surprise, some letters as well.

A definite improvement in presentation with Notts County's Smithy-esque Colin Murphy adorning the front cover. Issue 2 saw the first appearance of our 134 year old correspondent Arthur Scartletops whose unique insight into late 19th Century football can now be seen in every issue.

Issue One had "You-know-who" on the front highlighting "his" fabulous insight that finding another goalkeeper to replace Hyde "just wouldn't be a problem", when in fact it's taken until now and Martin Taylor to do so properly. The issue also shows an unbelievable disregard towards margins and page lay-out but our reasonably low print-run means that it's set to become a collectors item, it says here, despite the regrettable inclusion of a rather distasteful Justin Fashanu joke.
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