One-One Fanzine - Cover of Issue 26 - June 2006ADAMS PARK - LETTER TO THE BUCKS FREE PRESS
Published 21st July 2006

Personally, Adams Park is the only name that can possibly be associated with our ground, and should not in any way be desecrated ever again by its replacement with the name of a commercial sponsor, either in whole or part.

No doubt many supporters, whilst perhaps sharing these sentiments, may feel uneasy about ticking Box A only, opposing the sponsorship of the stadium name under any circumstance.

They may feel that if for instance a sponsor came forward with an offer of, say, one million pounds, we would be stupid to not look at this. But lets have a reality-check here. Wycombe Wanderers FC are currently a fourth-tier Club in English Football. This is simply not going to happen. Others may feel it would be wrong to turn down a sponsors "generosity", albeit it for a smaller amount of money.

However, without question, the greatest act of generosity ever visited upon Wycombe Wanderers FC was that of Frank Adams when he purchased Loakes Park in 1947, and handed it to us as a gift. Imagine that. A rent-free ground for almost the last sixty years. How much has this been worth to Wycombe Wanderers FC in cold financial terms? A gift that enabled Wycombe Wanderers to sell up and use all of the proceeds to move where we are now to build a ground suitable for Football League requirements.

Whist for many this move from the much-loved Loakes Park was necessary but difficult, the wonderful act by Wycombe Wanderers FC of naming the new ground as Adams Park helped considerably to "sugar the pill".

Frank Adams was, and still is to this day, recognised as the Club's greatest, most generous and the most selfless of our Benefactors. Remember, Frank Adams did not want Loan Notes, or indeed an Equity Stake in the Club to do all of this for us. This is a massive contrast to what some modern-day so-called "Benefactors" have required of Football Clubs in recent years.

So, if you have a vote but not as yet used it, appreciate what Frank Adams did for us, and maybe also draw a "line in the turf" in the fight against the over-commercialisation of our game, return it before it is too late, ticking Box A only.

Lets not lose again a major part of both our identity, our "Soul" and what makes the Club feel special in a way that is unquantifiable in mere monetary terms.

Ian Blacklidge, High Wycombe

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