Ground: Gander Green Lane,
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Getting there
By Car: (approx 48 miles from HW via M25)
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Train: Nearest station West Sutton - very close to the ground. Check for specific times and connections of trains.
Know your history
The first truly competitive meeting between Wycombe Wanderers and Sutton United came in a 2nd Round Amateur Cup tie at Sutton in February 1962. A dramatic game saw Wanderers run out 4-1 winners, with all five scored in the final 13 minutes. Peter James and Len Worley netted two quick goals for Wycombe on 78 and 80 minutes. Then on 83 minutes Paul Bates scored from the penalty spot after a handball by a home defender. Percy Vince pulled a goal back for United with a few minutes remaining but Bates added a fourth for Wanderers to earn a third round tie with Wimbledon.

Wycombe: Brown, Beck, Lewis, Thomas, Fisher, Gale, James, Blair, Bates, Worley, Horseman
Sutton: Watkins, Gamblin, Basham, Sunnucks, Vince, Clack, Harding, Heasman, Acland, Hermitage, Goodall

The two clubs met at League level for the first time in November 1963 with an Isthmian League meeting at Gander Green Lane. League encounters at this level would ensue for the next 22 years, with many significant players swopping the shirts during that time - most notably, Larry Pritchard, Keith Blunt and Ted Powell - all of which came to Loakes Park during the Brian Lee era at Wanderers in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Another famous connection between the two sides is coach Sid Cann. Cann led Wanderers to Isthmian League championships in 1956 and 1957, plus a Wembley Stadium appearance in the 1957 FA Amateur Cup Final. He left Wycombe in July 1961 to pursue a coaching appointment at Norwich City but returned to non-League football in July 1962 to lead Sutton United to the Final of the FA Amateur Cup in 1963. Cann would eventually led United to an Isthmian League title in 1967 and a further Amateur Cup Final in 1969. His long tenure at Sutton also included a famous FA Cup run in the 1969/70 season which ended with a home defeat to Leeds United in the 4th Round.
Chairboy Connections
A selection of players who have played for both Clubs

Lee Angol
Steve Arnold
Paul Barrowcliff
Paul Bates
Nicholas Bignall
Keith Blunt
Darius Charles
John Delaney
Tyla Dickinson
Craig Eastmond
Derek Gamblin
Alan Gane
Matthew Hanlan
Richard Harris
Lewis Hunt
Anthony Jeffrey
Scott Kashket
Michael Mahoney-Johnson
Mick Mellows
Jo Kuffour
Aaron Pierre
Ted Powell
Larry Pritchard
Lee Sawyer
Richard Thompson
Trevor Waughman
Chairboys all-time record against The U's
Sat, May 19,1951WyHCHL 0-1 3,000
Sat, May 10,1952WyHCHL 0-5 -
Sat, May 9,1953WyHCHW 6-0 -
Sat, Feb 3,1962FAAC2AW 4-1 -
Sat, Nov 2,1963ILAL 1-2 -
Wed, Apr 8,1964ILHL 3-5 -
Thu, Sep 17,1964ILAL 1-2 -
Sat, Mar 13,1965ILHD 1-1 -
Sat, Sep 25,1965ILAD 1-1 -
Sat, Dec 18,1965ILHW 3-2 -
Sat, Dec 17,1966ILAD 1-1900
Sat, Jan 28,1967ILHD 1-1 -
Sat, Dec 16,1967ILAL 1-4 -
Mon, Apr 22,1968ILHL 1-2 -
Sat, Sep 14,1968ILAW 1-0 -
Sat, Apr 19,1969ILHL 0-1 -
Sat, Aug 16,1969ILAW 2-1 -
Sat, Apr 18,1970ILHD 2-2 2,580
Sat, Aug 29,1970ILHW 4-0 2,892
Sat, Apr 17,1971ILAW 1-0 3,000
Sat, Oct 30,1971ILAW 2-1 -
Sat, Apr 29,1972ILHW 3-0 2,200
Sat, Aug 19,1972ILAW 2-0 -
Sat, Jan 6,1973ILHW 3-1 1,004
Sat, Sep 29,1973ILAW 2-0 -
Sat, Mar 23,1974ILHD 0-0 1,900
Sat, Aug 24,1974ILAD 2-2 -
Sat, Dec 28,1974ILHW 3-2 2,350
Sat, Aug 30,1975ILHW 2-1 1,950
Sat, Mar 6,1976ILAL 1-3 -
Sat, Nov 27,1976ILAL 0-1 -
Sat, Mar 26,1977ILHW 3-0 1,300
Sat, Sep 3,1977ILAL 0-1 -
Fri, May 5,1978ILHD 1-1 -
Sat, Oct 28,1978ILAD 1-1 -
Sat, May 5,1979ILHL 1-2 -
Tue, Oct 16,1979ILHD 2-2 824
Sat, Feb 23,1980ILAD 1-1 -
Sat, Aug 30,1980ILAL 0-2 -
Sat, Dec 13,1980ILHW 3-1 1,106
Sat, Jan 31,1981FAT 2AL 1-5 885
Sat, Aug 15,1981ILHL 0-3 750
Thu, Apr 22,1982ILAL 1-2 -
Sat, Nov 6,1982ILAW 2-1 -
Sat, Mar 19,1983ILHW 2-0 809
Tue, Apr 12,1983HLC Fin1HL 0-1 842
Sat, Apr 30,1983HLC Fin2AD 1-1 -
Sat, Aug 13,1983DCSHW 1-0 650
Tue, Sep 6,1983ILHD 2-2 750
Tue, Nov 15,1983ILAL 1-2 -
Sat, May 5,1984HLC Fin1HD 1-1 597
Mon, May 7,1984HLC Fin2AL 0-2 897
Sat, Nov 24,1984ILAL 0-1 -
Tue, Mar 12,1985ILHW 3-2 534
Sat, Aug 17,1985DCSAW 3-1 -
Tue, Nov 17,1987GMVCHD 1-1 1,217
Sat, Feb 20,1988GMVCAD 2-2 983
Sat, Nov 12,1988GMVCHD 2-2 1,884
Sat, Apr 22,1989GMVCAL 0-3 1,224
Tue, Dec 26,1989GMVCAW 2-1 1,153
Mon, Jan 1,1990GMVCHW 3-2 1,745
Sat, Dec 15,1990GMVCHW 4-1 2,369
Sat, Mar 30,1991GMVCAL 0-1 1,373
Sat, Mar 30,1991GMVCAL 0-1 1,373
Sat, Aug 3,1991FrAW 4-1 250
Sat, Sep 14,1991FrHL 0-1 450
Sat, Apr 3,1993FAT S/F1HL 2-3 5,600
Sat, Apr 10,1993FAT S/F2AW 4-0 5,002
Tue, Aug 29,2023FLC 2HL0-11,778
WyHc = Wycombe Hospital Cup
FAAC = FA Amateur Cup
IL= Isthmian League
FAT = FA Trophy
HLC = Hitachi [Isthmian League] Cup
DCS = Dylon [Isthmian League] Charity Shield
GMVC = (GM Vauxhall) Conference
Fr = Friendly
FLC = Football League Cup
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